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Tiki Cat Debuts After Dark Pate Wet Cat Food

Available in 4 organ-nutrient rich varieties containing 95% meat.




Tiki Cat After Dark pate stack

(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS – Tiki Cat has expanded the range of texture options it offers in wet cat food with the introduction of After Dark pates, a new finely minced cat food that will appeal to kitties’ “mouth-feel” as much as their carnivorous instincts. Made with 95% meat, After Dark combines a soft pate texture with nutrient-dense organ meat from liver, lung and kidney, offering the perfect high-animal protein diet for obligate carnivores.

Tiki Cat After Dark pate is available in four meaty recipes that even finicky felines will find irresistible: Beef Pate, Venison Pate, Duck Pate and Rabbit Pate. The food is made in New Zealand using ethically-sourced farm-raised beef, free-range venison, cage-free duck or free-range rabbit as its number one ingredient. Formulated without carbohydrates, After Dark is made with 100% non-GMO ingredients and contains no grains, potatoes, hormones or antibiotics.

“With After Dark, Tiki Cat is bringing its mission of mimicking a cat’s natural prey diet to a wet food with a soft pate texture,” said Ann Hudson, VP of marketing for Tiki Cat. “Cats are obligate carnivores who, in nature, rely on animal protein from their prey for all of their essential nutrients. With a 95% meat content, After Dark provides the complete carnivorous diet cats require.”

Cats are also drawn to a particular food on the basis of its “mouth-feel” – how easily they can pick it up and how it feels in their mouth. A study on cats’ food preferences published in Vet Times rated mouth-feel as one of three key determinants of a food’s palatability to felines (along with smell and taste).

“Tiki Cat After Dark pate is ideal for pet parents who want to feed their cat a natural carnivorous diet, whose pets prefer the mouth-feel of a pate texture,” said Hudson.

Tiki Cat After Dark’s intriguing name, along with its deep purple can color, were designed to stand out on the store shelf and attract consumers’ attention. The effect is one of a nocturnal cat stalking its prey, reinforcing the image that the food is comprised of nutrients that replicate a feline’s natural diet.


Tiki Cat After Dark pate wet cat food is offered in four varieties: After Dark Wet Cat Food Beef Pate, After Dark Wet Cat Food Venison Pate, After Dark Wet Cat Food Duck Pate and After Dark Wet Cat Food Rabbit Pate. All varieties are available in 3 oz. cans at an MSRP of $1.99.

For more information on Tiki Cat After Dark pate wet cat food, please visit, @tikipets on Instagram and at



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