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Tiki Cat Filets High-Protein, Tasty Meal Toppers are Made with Natural Whole Tuna or Salmon Filets

The new Tiki Cat filets are perfect complement to a carnivorous feline diet.




(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS — More consumers are turning to meal toppers to enhance the nutrition and palatability of their pets’ food. Now Tiki Cat has introduced a new high-protein cat food topper – Tiki Cat Filets — made from savory real tuna or salmon filets, which replicates a cat’s natural prey diet and is so delicious it can also be given as a kitty treat.

An ideal topper for both dry and wet cat food, Tiki Cat Filets consists of just one healthy ingredient, a whole all-natural tuna or salmon filet that’s been steamed to perfection. Only dolphin-free tuna and wild-caught-salmon are used, and there are no grains or GMO ingredients. The Tuna variety contains 75% protein, and the Salmon variety 88% protein, making Tiki Cat Filets a perfect complement to a carnivorous feline diet.

“Cats are obligate carnivores who, in nature, must rely on protein from their prey to derive all their essential nutrients, said Ann Hudson, Vice President of Marketing for Tiki Pets ®. “With real tuna or salmon as its one and only ingredient, Tiki Cat Filets provides an excellent source of the high-quality animal protein that felines require, mimicking their natural prey diet.” The fish-based toppers are also a good source of supplemental hydration, which cats, having evolved in dry climates where drinking water was scarce, have historically had to derive from their prey as well, Hudson noted.

In addition to Tiki Cat Filets’ nutritional benefits, the mouthwatering taste of real steamed tuna or salmon makes the filets not only a tempting meal topper but also a delectable treat that will satisfy kitties’ seafood cravings. The filets come in convenient individual pouches, and can be broken into smaller pieces to top off a bowl of food or given whole as a treat.

For retailers, Tiki Cat Filets taps into the growing pet food meal topper and enhancer category, which saw a 21 percent sales increase in 2018, according to Petfood Industry. In a report forecasting trends in the post-pandemic pet food market, global packaging firm Mondi predicts that “cat and dog food toppers will gain significant popularity,” noting that “premium add-ons and toppers are a tasty way to add nutrients.” “As a high-protein topper made exclusively with real fish filets, Tiki Cat Filets gives retailers a stand-out product in the category,” said Hudson, “one that pet parents can feel good about giving to their cats.”

Tiki Cat Filets is available in packages of 12 1-oz. pouches, in either Tuna or Salmon variety. The MSRP for each 12-pouch package is $35.88.
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