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Trackipet to Debut at Global Pet Expo, Revolutionizing Pet Tracking with Community-Powered Technology

The company helps drive revenue for pet business while better supporting their communities through technology.




Trackipet and Trackipet & App Trackipet and Trackipet & App

(PRESS RELEASE) Trackipet, powered by global technology company Trackimo, offers a revolutionary new pet tracking technology, powered by GPS, WiFi, GSM technology and a community of pet lovers across the globe. Trackipet by Trackimo will make its first pet industry debut in the U.S. this month at Global Pet Expo at Booth #4972 in Orlando, FL March 20-22, 2024.

Trackipet addresses the tragic reality that over 10 million pets go missing annually in the United States alone. With the help of a global community of pet lovers, TrackiPet’s tracking device and a free mobile app is an affordable, effective, convenient, and globally available solution to help keep millions of pets and pet-parents united.

Trackimo, the award-winning technology team behind Trackipet, is excited to showcase their products at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s premier event featuring today’s newest, most innovative pet products. Attendees can visit Trackipet at Booth #4972 to learn how this product can help keep their beloved pets safe.

Retailers, groomers, trainers, and all pet industry businesses can easily merchandise a 12-Pack Starter Kit and shelf-ready display.

“Trackipet is more than just a pet tracker, and we are thrilled to introduce its game-changing technology to the pet industry as exhibitors at Global Pet Expo to the retailers, influencers, buyers, distributors, pet professionals and media that can work together and make a difference,” states Shai Bar-Lavi, executive chairman and founder of Trackimo. “We know the emotional toll that losing a pet has on families, and our mission is to help keep pets safely at home and if the unthinkable happens and a pet gets lost, help ensure that pets are quickly returned to their forever homes.”

The Trackipet Difference: Trackipet is more than just a tracking device – it is a community-powered solution that helps solve a major global problem. The FREE mobile app allows pet owners to connect with other pet-loving users in their area, creating a network of pet lovers who can help locate a missing pet. This unique feature sets Trackipet apart from other pet tracking devices on the market, making it a must-have for any pet owner. With its affordable price point, 24/7 connectivity for greater effectiveness, and global availability, Trackipet is making pet tracking and peace of mind accessible to all.


TrackiPet is designed with effective emergency response in mind to help minimize response time when a pet goes missing with alerts, communication tools, and auditory signals, ensuring positive results. The Trackipet device uses GPS, WiFi, and GSM technology to send a pet’s live, accurate location to the FREE Trackipet App, where you can view current and past activity from anywhere, anytime. Discrete, lightweight, and waterproof, the Trackipet device suits any breed and lifestyle. Adaptable attachment units ensure a snug fit to any collar and harness.

  • Trackipet
  • Trackipet & App
  • MSRP: Starting as low as $18.88 with Plans starting at $9.99

For retailers, groomers, trainers or any pet-loving business or buyer, Trackipet Starter Kit is a great way to conveniently display a 12 unit package.

Download FREE App here.

Goal for Global Pet Expo 2024: We need exposure and partnerships that serve pet-parents with solutions and innovations. Get app downloads for community unification to help reverse the 10M pets that get lost or separated from their families in the U.S. alone each year.

The team at TrackiPet is dedicated to positively impacting the pet industry and is thrilled to be a part of the Global Pet Expo. They believe that their mission-backed product has the potential to save thousands of pets from going missing and bring peace of mind to pet owners around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to see TrackiPet in action at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL on March 20-22. For more information, visit

About Trackipet

Trackipet is an award-winning, community-powered GPS pet tracker and an app-based movement to build a community that helps deliver peace of mind to pet lovers worldwide.


The Trackipet device uses GPS, WiFi, and 4G technology to send live, accurate locations to the Trackipet App, which provides a view of current and past tracking activity from anywhere, anytime. Discrete, lightweight, and waterproof, the Trackipet device is currently available for dogs and suits any breed and lifestyle. The adaptable attachment units use a simple collar clip to ensure a snug fit to a wide range of collars and harnesses. The device connects to the user-friendly, state-of-the-art Trackipet app, which utilizes Trackimo’s real-time, location-based technology. Alongside pet tracking, the free Trackipet app unlocks a community of local pet owners and businesses.

About Trackimo

Trackimo is a world-leading provider of IoT solutions that enhance the connected experience between brands, people, and the things that matter most to them. Based on its advanced proprietary technology and supported by a range of award-winning devices, the company provides a complete end-to-end solution for both the B2B and B2C sectors with in-house capabilities that include development, manufacturing, connectivity and service. Trackimo’s technology is trusted by the world’s leading companies, with collaborations and partnerships including Vodafone, Paramount (formerly known as ViacomCBS), Leica, Sumitomo and more.



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