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Use This Checklist When Choosing a POS System for Your Pet Business

Carmen Gates of Point of Sale Consultants shares how to create the ultimate checklist for your next POS system.




YOUR POINT-OF-SALE system is a central component of your business and integral to your success. It’s much more than a way for customers to pay for their purchases — a good POS system lets you sync, track and manage virtually every aspect of your pet business, including inventory, sales and customer data.

So how do you decide which POS system best suits your business? Whether you’re looking for your first or considering a switch?

First, you create a checklist! It’s an invaluable way to organize and compare the systems you will be considering. Start your checklist by creating categories and subcategories of the functions and features that will help you simplify and manage your business. Your categories should include items such as Features, Special Needs, Hardware Needs, Training & Support, Costs & Budget.

Make sure you have a fresh copy of your checklist every time you interview a new POS company. I recommend interviewing and watching demonstrations for at least four POS systems before making a final decision. Take good notes, check-off features that fulfill your requirements, and add additional features to your list as they are uncovered throughout your interview process.

Here’s how to organize your list:


Inventory Management

  • Re-order notifications
  • SKU/UPC codes
  • Receive inventory

Employee Management

  • Time & attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Permission settings

Customer Management

  • Customer sales history
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer data fields


  • Integration with third-party software
  • Marketing
  • e-Commerce


  • Desktop PC/tablet/fully-integrated POS station
  • Cash drawer
  • Bar code scanner


  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • On-site installation and training
  • Local representative


  • Hardware price
  • One-time set-up fee
  • Monthly software as a service fee (SaaS)

There’s an abundance of features you can add to your checklist, and these are just a few examples. Once you complete this task, consider hiring a consultant who specializes in helping businesses choose a POS. They can assist with the process and provide recommendations based on your business’s needs.

Carmen Gates started her career in the payment processing industry in 1994 and has worked with some of the largest payment processors and POS system providers in the nation. She founded Point of Sale Consultants in 2008 and has developed a niche in the POS system space, providing consulting services to help hundreds of business owners in their search for the best POS system to fit their business and growth needs. Visit to learn more.



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