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Video: Some Retailers Board Up Due to Election Unrest Fears

Chains that have made preparations include Tiffany, Macy’s, Target and CVS.




Fearing possible unrest, many retail businesses across the U.S. have boarded up their storefronts for Election Day.

Major chains that have taken such steps in at least some locations include Tiffany, Macy’s, Target and CVS, CNN reports.

Tiffany spokesman Nathan Strauss said, “While we intend to remain open where possible, out of an abundance of caution the windows of select stores in key cities will be boarded in anticipation of potential election related activity.”

Some retailers are making other preparations as well, including increasing their lighting and hiring security guards, according to CNN.

In New York City, even the Empire State Building has been boarded up on its ground floors, CBS News reports.

Watch the video:


James Ritchie is the online content editor for SmartWork Media.

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