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Video: Trace’s Store School Teaches You How to Start a Produce Co-Op for Pets

Adding fresh veggies and fruit to customer bowls will boost their health!




WELCOME TO Trace’s Store School, hosted by Trace Menchaca of Flying M Pet Grocery in Houston, TX. In this session, Trace teaches you the three ways to start a produce co-op for pets. This will help you add fresh veggies and fruit to customer bowls, boosting their health!

This episode aired live on Oct. 30, 2020, in the PETS+ Community and PETS+ page on Facebook. New episodes air there every other Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern. Trace covers a wide variety of topics, including pet store operations, employee training, buying and merchandising. Each session offers downloadable supportive materials.

Trace Menchaca owns and operates Flying M Pet Grocery in Houston, TX, with her husband, daughter, son and mom. The eclectic and welcoming store won an honorable mention in 2018’s America’s Coolest Stores contest. Menchaca also hosts Trace’s Store School on Fridays in the PETS+ Facebook Community.

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