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Vital Essentials Fact Sheet

Green Bay, WI




P: (800) 743-0322 / E: / W: / SuperZoo Booth 1568

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Vital Essentials has unleashed a rebrand to communicate its unique offering to uncompromising pet owners: premium quality butcher-cut protein for the health benefits dogs and cats deserve. The refreshed brand and packaging bring the “butcher shop” experience to pet stores nationwide, featuring brown kraft paper and twine, along with animal icon view-through windows showcasing each protein variety. The rebrand also features “Tabby,” an icon that symbolizes a butcher shop ticket and a cherished pet.

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? Not all protein is created equal. Vital Essentials sources only humanely harvested, whole-animal protein that’s flash frozen within 45-minutes to preserve the natural nutrients. With an extensive range of proteins in food entrees, protein mix-ins toppers, raw bar snacks and treats, Vital Essentials ensures that every pet’s dietary needs are met.

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: Vital Essentials has been a pioneer in minimally processed freeze-dried and frozen raw pet food and treats since 2009. The company is based out of Green Bay, WI.

RETAILER REVIEW: “I have several customers come to me talking about health concerns in their dogs or cats and Vital Essentials is my go-to food for that because of the raw, whole animal protein that is minimally processed preserving not only the vital nutrients and minerals pets need, but also means their food has minimal-to-no carbs making it very low or no GI. Sugars and carbohydrates feed a lot of health conditions, so these are my go-to foods for any of those conditions in our customers pets. I love Vital Essentials. We have it in all their forms and it’s my #1 product.” — Donald Warga, Manager, Maxwell & Molly’s Pet Supplies, Sparta, NJ

1. Vital Essentials offers an extensive range of whole animal proteins in food entrees, protein mix-ins toppers and treats.

MSRP: $6.49 – $76.99

2. Vital Essentials Single Ingredient Raw Bar Snacks.

MSRP: $0.99 – $6.79

Download the Fact Sheet here.

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