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Wellness Pet Co. Rolls Out Plant-Based Recipes for Dogs

The goal is to support pet parents who seek meatless and more sustainable nutrition options.





(PRESS RELEASE) TEWKSBURY, MA — More consumers than ever are transitioning to plant-based human diets for health and environmentally conscious reasons and, now, their dogs can, too. Wellness Pet Company, maker of premium natural food and treats for dogs and cats, presents Wellness CORE Digestive Health Plant-Based Kibble and Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters Immune Health Toppers, which are made with high-quality protein sourced from plants and eggs to promote wellbeing for dogs.

These new recipes come in response to the growing number of pet parents who are seeking dog food options that are both healthy and environmentally friendly. Research conducted by Wellness Pet Company revealed that 58% of Millennial and Generation Z pet parents agree they like the idea of pet food made with an alternative, more sustainable protein source1. To better serve the needs of this next generation of pet parents, the Wellness Pet team of experts, including veterinarians and animal nutritionists, crafted their first plant-based dog recipes, available as both a kibble and topper:

  • Wellness CORE Digestive Health Plant-Based Kibble. Specially designed for adult dogs of all ages, this easily-digestible, meatless kibble is crafted with digestive enzymes, prebiotic fibers, and probiotics to support digestive health. The unique recipe is made with eggs to promote strong immune systems as well as other health benefits pet parents can see like lustrous coats and healthy skin.
  • Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters Immune Health Toppers. To help support a healthy immune system, Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters Plant-Based Immune Health Toppers are formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients like cranberries, papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes, and kelp, as well as zinc and vitamin E, to help dogs stay healthy and active in the long term. The topper can be used to supplement dogs’ food with an extra dose of flavor and added nutrition. This product is produced in recycle-ready packaging, allowing consumers to recycle these bags through a local store drop off2, avoiding sending packaging to a landfill.

“Wellness Pet developed the original Wellness CORE Digestive Health line as an answer to the growing number of pet parents looking to support their pets’ digestion, and now, we’re proud to also support their interest in meatless and more sustainable nutrition options with our plant-based recipes,” says Dr. Danielle Bernal, global veterinarian with Wellness Pet Company. She adds, “As a company, we fully support the next-gen pet parents who are forging the path for more sustainable food alternatives and our plant-based recipes allow us to meet our mission of fulfilling a life of shared wellbeing through natural nutrition in a more environmentally conscious way.”

Wellness Plant-Based Recipes are available at pet specialty stores and online retailers, starting now. To learn more, click here.



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