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What’s Your State Dog? It’s Kind of a Trick Question …

It’s ‘strange that every state hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon.’




Ever wonder what your state dog is?

That’s kind of a trick question. As it turns out most states don’t have an official dog, The Cheat Sheet reports.

On 13 states have designated an official dog. In a 14th, Ohio, a bill is moving through the legislature to potentially make the laborador retriever the state dog.

State dogs range from the malamute in Alaska to the chinook in New Hampshire to the American Foxhound in Virginia.

Efforts have popped up in other states over the years to name official dogs, without success.

The publication notes: “It seems strange that every state hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon – especially considering how many people love dogs.”


See the full list at The Cheat Sheet.

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