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Wildlife Sciences Introduces Its Mixed Flavor Suet Plus 10 Pack at Global Pet Expo




(PRESS RELEASE) Wildlife Sciences will introduce its new Suet Plus Mixed Flavor 10 Pack at Global Pet Expo in March 2018. “Multi-packs have seen tremendous growth in recent years as consumers seek value and convenience,” said Bill Gleason, President of Wildlife Sciences, “the addition of mixed flavors in a multi-pack will bring fresh excitement to the suet category.” 

The attractively designed package contains five suet cakes each of popular flavors Berry and Peanut. “The Suet Plus brand is known as the suet cake in the candy bar wrapper,” Gleason continued. “It is easy to open with no-mess handling and is 100% recyclable. This brand extension adds variety and convenience to those attributes.” 

The Suet Plus brand now offers several multi-pack sizes, these include 8 Packs, 10 Packs, 15 Packs and even a Jumbo 20 Pack. “Multi-packs can account for as much as 50 percent of suet sales,” Gleason added, “retailers and distributors can now offer multiple flavors in the pack size that best meets their price point goals. Suet multi-packs scream value and are excellent for promotions as well as everyday sales. Consumers love the value and convenience and retailers benefit from a larger ring and added sales.” 


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Wildlife Sciences 
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