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Winners Named in Wild Earth’s Dog Model Contest

They were chosen from among 600 submissions.




Willie, Zeppelin and Leia and Buttercup

(PRESS RELEASE) Four adorable and spunky pups have been named winners of Wild Earth’s dog model contest.

Chosen from among 600 submissions, these cuties will be featured in Wild Earth’s upcoming commercial, will walk the red carpet at the company’s dog food launch event in Los Angeles and will be treated to a lifetime supply of dog food.

Here’s a bit about each of the winners:

  • Zeppelin & Leia: A Collie and Pit Bull-Pointer duo who didn’t always have it so easy. Zeppelin was found as a puppy in a bathtub in Compton. Leia was malnourished and nearly hairless after being mistreated at a puppy mill. Now, the two are healthy, happy and loved beyond measure, and they prove that good looks and great pups come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Willie: A cute Chihuahua who only has one eye was picked up off the desert streets in Arizona. Among other things, he had to have an eye removed and put on meds to control his epileptic seizures. The rescue had Willie for over a year but when his human saw him, it was love at first sight. Today, this 6-pound, 6-tooth and one-eyed Chihuahua lives the best life, thanks to his dog mom.
  • Buttercup: A Chihuahua mix who was rescued from a field as a scared pup. She has since explored the shores of Monterey to the mountains of Yosemite with her pawrents and furriends! She loves Wild Earth treats and already follows a plant-based diet.

More information about the winners is available at

Wild Earth is a sustainable pet food company that has developed a fungi-based protein formula.




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