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Yumwoof Launches Perfect Superfood ‘Raw’ Air-Dried Dog Food

The food utilizes a gentle air-dry cooking method to guarantee the preservation of vital nutrients, while removing pathogens and making serving more convenient.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX — Yumwoof, the air-dried dog food brand, has launched a new line of dog food, Perfect Superfood. This new hypoallergenic dog food crafted with alternative proteins offers the nose-to-tail recipe of the raw diet, then air-dried to make it healthier.

Perfect Superfood was formulated alongside years of consultations Yumwoof’s founders had with pet parents, through which they discovered dogs with food allergies and chronic health conditions such as pancreatitis did not have satisfactory natural food options. The three new Perfect Superfood recipes were subsequently developed to serve these pet parents with the support of Yumwoof’s data analytics on clinical studies, veterinarian partnerships, and dog allergy test lab results.

The outcome is three recipes inspired by the raw diet, utilizing hypoallergenic proteins and nose-to-tail ingredients which source essential nutrients from nutrient-rich organ meats. Because of the unique biologically appropriate ingredient profile, Perfect Superfood is also free from synthetic vitamins and minerals, which have been shown in recent studies to potentially have adverse health effects.

As with Yumwoof’s other products, Perfect Superfood utilizes a gentle air-dry cooking method to guarantee the preservation of vital nutrients, while removing pathogens and making serving more convenient.

At Yumwoof, a strict adherence to holistic ingredients takes precedence above all else. All Yumwoof products are non-GMO, and they’re free from common fillers including rice, peas, legumes and potatoes.

“We are thrilled to announce our new Perfect Superfood. As a perfectionist, this has been a labor of love fueled by my belief that the raw diet is correct in its utilization of nose-to-tail, biologically-appropriate ingredients, but can be made even healthier for dogs through air-dried preparation.” Jaron Lukas, CEO of yumwoof. “Through extensive customer feedback, research, and development, we’ve crafted a clean recipe that retailers and pet parents will vibe with immediately. Perfect Superfood is now available to retailers everywhere.”


A mission-led brand, Yumwoof also recently launched the Yumwoof Dog Food Pantry to provide highly nutritious dog food to families in disaster relief situations. Visit here to learn more.

Yumwoof’s unwavering commitment to research and customer feedback has solidified our position as one of the fastest growing air-dried dog food brands. Now with this new Perfect Superfood recipe, yumwoof has set the standard for dog nutrition providing dogs with the nutrition they deserve.

About Yumwoof

Austin-based Yumwoof is on a mission to help dogs live longer with the healthiest air-dried dog food ever made. Boosted with Cocomega superfats backed by research linked to longevity. Respected health influencers including Dr. Will Cole, Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Ava Frick have all voiced their support. With obsessive attention to detail, Yumwoof offers premium nutrition for dogs without seed oils using the best quality GMO-free ingredients and USDA meats. Learn more about the uncompromising nutrition for your dog and tree-planting sustainability at



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