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Yumwoof Makes Superfat Air-Dried Dog Food Available to Retailers

The rapidly growing brand uses human-grade, non-GMO ingredients to provide dogs with nutrition optimized for microbiome diversity and longevity.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX — Yumwoof, the rapidly growing air-dried dog food brand, is changing the way dogs are nourished through its holistic nutrition boosted with Cocomega superfats. Offering an alternative to freeze-dried, fresh and raw food that enhances your dog’s microbiome, yumwoof uses human-grade, non-GMO ingredients to provide dogs with nutrition optimized for microbiome diversity and longevity backed by research.

In a dog food market overflowing with options, yumwoof stands out being recommended by holistic veterinarians including Dr. Ava Frick for its cooling ingredients. Most notably, yumwoof does not use seed oils in any of its recipes and has kept out common fillers such as rice, peas, legumes and potatoes—using only natural ingredients dogs love.

Yumwoof was founded in 2020 by Jaron Lukas and Ana Padilla, a husband-and-wife team who lovingly operate the company. While founding yumwoof, they performed groundbreaking product research including data analysis on 3,000 clinical nutrition studies to find ingredients proven anti-inflammatory for dogs. Jaron Lukas is the author of The Canine Cocomega Effect, and his research revealed significant links to longevity in dogs.

Because of this research, yumwoof food is enriched with Cocomega superfats, adding a nutritional boost which promotes better gut health.

The brand’s obsession to detail has resulted in low-carb recipes featuring a variety of fresh USDA meat options, humanely raised eggs, and non-GMO holistic ingredients. Yumwoof found a way to rethink pet food, developing recipes for ingredient-focused pet parents and retailers.

“We are inviting independent retailers to partner with us following years of hands-on perfectionist product development,” affirms Jaron Lukas, CEO of yumwoof. “Our holistic approach, combined with the exclusion of seed oils and common fillers, is designed to provide dogs with optimal nutrition backed by extensive research.”


Community is at the heart of yumwoof’s mission. The impact-driven brand recently donated $30,000 worth of their air-dried dog food to feed the thousands of dogs displaced by the Maui wildfires. This donation to the Maui Humane Society was facilitated in collaboration with celebrity talent manager Shep Gordon.

After the Maui donation, yumwoof announced plans to establish the YUMWOOF CARES Charity Foundation, making disaster relief a continual part of its core mission to counterbalance the effects of climate change and support families with dogs in need. Yumwoof further supports the planet with its EcoPup Sustainability Mission including carbon neutral shipping and sustainable packaging.

For retailers aiming to provide their customers with a holistic air-dried dog food option, yumwoof extends the opportunity for wholesale partnerships. Yumwoof’s human-grade dog food is now available for retailers, offering strong margins and repeat orders. Yumwoof welcomes retailers to join its mission by visiting here.

Air-dried food is currently the fastest growing segment in pet food, and yumwoof is leading the way with researched-backed holistic recipes and human-grade ingredients.

About Yumwoof

Austin-based Yumwoof is on a mission to help dogs live longer with the healthiest air-dried dog food ever made. Boosted with Cocomega superfats backed by research linked to longevity. Respected health influencers including Dr. Will Cole, Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Ava Frick have all voiced their support. With obsessive attention to detail, Yumwoof offers premium nutrition for dogs without seed oils using the best quality GMO-free ingredients and USDA meats. Learn more about their uncompromising nutrition for your dog and tree-planting sustainability at




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