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ZuluTails, a Breakthrough Pet ID System Launches

It quickly reunites owners with their pets.





(PRESS RELEASE) BUFFALO, NY – ZuluTails is the only online pet ID system designed by cyber security experts and pet lovers that provides a safe, fast and secure way to reunite pets with their owners.

Based on advanced cybersecurity protocols and technologies, the ZuluTails platform is a pet ID system that provides each pet a unique 7-digit UPI (Universal Pet Identifier) that links directly to the pet’s private data profile and offers the ability to communicate with a pet’s owner instantly, securely, and privately without sharing personal information.

For just $19.99 per year, an owner receives an annual membership entitling them to a personalized ZuluTails tag laser imprinted with a pet’s UPI and a unique QR code. With the ease of a smart phone, anyone can look up a pet via its UPI and connect to its owner at the touch of a button – eliminating the need to post telephone numbers, addresses and other personal information. And unlike microchips, ZuluTails supports a 24-hour on-demand ability to edit pet and owner personal information.

The ZuluTails proprietary platform also supports pet owners with a secure way to communicate on-the-go with groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and your pet’s most trusted community members. ZuluTails also works with neighborhoods to create custom pet protection networks easily and affordably.

Based on research, as many as 10 million pets go missing in the U.S. alone each year and over 31 million do not have identification tags or collars when found often forcing them into shelters. Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes.

“The advantage of ZuluTails is that there is no requirement for microchips, GPS devices, no third party intervention, call centers, apps, scanners or electronics”, said Pamela Fusco, CEO and founder of ZuluTails.


“Pet parent’s personal information such as full name and address are unnecessary. No need to waste precious time and resources creating lost or missing pet signs or postings. Traditional routines to recover missing or lost pets disclose too much personal data and are dependent on pet owners to constantly update their information and share it with unknown and untrusted entities,” added Fusco.

“We have moved beyond the electronic age and now live in the digital realm,” Fusco continued. “We must covet our personal and private information. Perpetrators, phishing tactics and automated exploitations are always lurking, taking advantage of situations when we are driven by emotion to care for our loved ones.”

ZuluTails also believes in the importance of supporting organizations that share their passion for improving the livelihood and well-being of all animals and is partnered with Pets for Vets, a female founded nonprofit that helps create second chances by connecting our nation’s military veterans with rescued animals.

For more information, please visit the ZuluTails website at



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