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Candace D'Agnolo

5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales at Your Pet Store

It’s not too late! Get even more out of this holiday shopping season with these simple sales strategies.




THE YEAR-END hustle is upon us, and for many pet businesses, the holiday season is the quarter worth drooling over. Are you feeling behind on your promotions and marketing? A little bit like your procrastination villain is alive and well? Don’t fret! These ideas are easy to implement and proven to add revenue this season.

There is still enough time! Better late than never, right?

While it’s natural to expect a bump in traffic during the months of November and December, don’t merely wait for the opportunities. Seize them! Here’s how:

Leverage holiday premiums. With the surge in demand for services such as pet sitting, self-wash, day care, grooming and boarding, consider introducing holiday premiums. So if you offer any services, this means increasing your rates during the holidays and peak hours.

This could help reduce wait times for regular customers and clients, guarantee availability for them, and ensure your business can afford its staffing needs. Rates will need to increase, after all, due to overtime hours and holiday pay. Factor these costs into your pricing and know that customers understand that services during peak times may come with a slight price uptick. Just be prepared to communicate the value of the service, speed, and extra perks you could toss in for the season.

Boost purchases … guaranteed. Want to know how to close the sale before you even know what someone wants? Ask them, “Are you shopping for your pet or someone else’s pet?” They will likely give you an answer, and then boom! They’ve said yes to buying something. Now you just have to uncover what that could be! And then as I like to say … “Show, show, show until they say no.” It works every time to increase your average sale.


Introduce the “Bounce Back” offer. Use this time of year to build your customer list and increase future visits. So many new people will be engaging with your business — add them to your email list at every opportunity, then give a gift certificate ($5 to $25) or a coupon (15% to 25% off) for their next visit. Tuck it into their shopping bag or mail it inside a thank you card for an extra special touch! It’s an enticing reason for them to return and shop after the holiday frenzy passes.

Promote gift cards. Start this now and talk about it often! Your current customers may buy gift cards for themselves or tell their friends and family they want them as holiday gifts! Gift cards are a no-brainer in the pet retail world. Some customers are so nervous to buy treats or toys because they don’t know the other person’s dog very well, and they don’t want their gift to go to waste. A gift certificate solves that problem. Make them available online and in store. Maybe even by phone! Most importantly, amplify the message using all of your marketing platforms: social media, email, website, in-store signs, displays, bag stuffers, etc. Pampering a pet with a gift certificate experience from your business is a delightful gift idea!

Reimagine your register area. This space isn’t just for ringing up sales — it’s prime real estate! Spotlight higher-priced impulse items or showcase a holiday service package. Gone are the days when impulse buys only meant inexpensive add-ons. Today’s customer will indulge if they see value. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your profits with bigger-ticket goodies here. Maybe even dedicate a team member who samples add-ons to customers in line. Again … show, show, show until they say no.

The holiday season is more than just increased foot traffic, long days, and constant holiday music. It’s a treasure trove of opportunities. With these strategies, you’re well-equipped to make the most of Q4. Here’s to a prosperous holiday season for your pet business!



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