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Candace D'Agnolo

Embrace These 3 Technology Trends in Your Pet Business in 2024

Candace D’Agnolo explains why adding these tools to your business toolbox will benefit you and your customers.




THE CHAMPAGNE HAS popped, and the balloons have dropped. Now what? The new year has brought with it new opportunities, some of which involve the latest technology trends. As a pet business coach who has worked with thousands of pet professionals, I have strong opinions about which trends you should jump on. Embracing these three tech trends is not just about staying relevant, though; it’s also about enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations and ultimately driving more sales. Sounds easy peasy, right?! It will be.


This is No. 1 on just about every 2024 trend list because it can’t be ignored! AI in marketing refers to the use of machine-learning algorithms and data analysis to predict customer behavior, create efficiencies and personalize marketing efforts. That’s a mouthful. For pet businesses, leveraging AI means reaching the right audience (hint, hint, not every pet owner) with the right message at the right time.

It analyzes customer information to identify patterns and preferences, helping you tailor your marketing strategies to individual needs, which normally would be horribly time-consuming without AI assistance. This will lead to higher engagement, customer loyalty and sales. When you become comfortable with AI tools and techniques, you’ll save time and money, too!

How to use: AI-powered tools can help with personalized email marketing campaigns and social media content creation such as ideas, plans, copy, video and images. AI also can help in chatbots for customer service, providing instant responses to inquiries on your website or social media platforms.



Automation means using technology to perform repetitive tasks without you, or anyone on your team, having to intervene. Wahoo! This could range from scheduling appointments to inventory management.

Automation frees up time for you to focus on more important aspects of your business, such as customer interactions, staff training, and strategic planning for your next big pet project. It also reduces the chances of errors and improves efficiency.

Examples: Retailers can automate inventory tracking, many recurring business processes and even the checkout process. This could include gathering reviews, which I don’t know about you, but I personally hated having to ask for those. It’s great to know software can now assist! Dog groomers and day-care facilities can benefit from automated booking, closing client contracts and sending appointment reminders.


In the world of social media and digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game. Either your audience is large and unengaged, or your list is small and you don’t feel like marketing to a small audience is worth doing. The focus should not be on the numbers and accumulating vanity metrics, or feeling like you need to do it all, but on cultivating quality relationships with current and potential customers. Engaged and connected customers are more likely to return and recommend your pet business to others.

Mindset reframe: Instead of aiming for a large number of followers or a huge email list, focus on engaging with your current customers. There’s no disadvantage to a small list. The only setback is an underutilized customer list and a business owner afraid to communicate with them (gosh, I see this far too often). Do me a favor and make it your new year’s resolution to share relevant and engaging content frequently, encourage reviews of your business and create a community around your brand. Yes, your brand. Not a brand you sell.

The thought of integrating AI, automation and having a quality-centered approach in marketing might seem daunting, especially if you feel overwhelmed by technology. However, I’ve found most tools to be user-friendly and many have support, or at least good YouTube videos, on how to leverage them. The benefits far outweigh sitting in fear of tech and software. Remember, technology is a means to connect more deeply with your customers and community, not a barrier. Embrace these trends with optimism and watch your pet business thrive in 2024!

LEARN MORE: I actually have two more 2024 tech trends to share with you! To hear about No. 4 and 5, tune into episode 112 of my podcast, “Boss Your Business — The Pet Boss Podcast,” where I dive deeper into all five trends for pet stores and service providers. It’s available on all podcast streaming platforms and at But wait, there’s even more! Attend my free seminars at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, both on Thursday, Mar. 21: “Content to Cash Flow: The Marketing to Money Formula Using AI,” from 10 to 11:15 a.m., and “Where Are All Your Customers?: Tools and Tech to Supercharge Your Retention Results, from 3 to 4:15 p.m.




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