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Acana Launches New Premium Feline Food

All ACANA premium recipes are meat-rich to mirror cats’ evolutionary diet.




(PRESS RELEASE) The pandemic has had a surprising impact on pets. With vets putting routine spaying and neutering on hold, more kittens are being born – and indoor cats are dealing with the disruption of families spending more time at home. To help every cat cope with their new normal, Acana, a Champion Petfoods brand, offers new recipes designed in partnership with its food scientists, veterinarian and animal nutritionists.

  • For Kittens – Featuring real meat ingredients like free-run chicken, turkey and saltwater fish, new Acana First Feast is designed to support your feline friend’s eye and brain development, healthy muscle and bone growth, and a healthy skin and coat.
  • For Indoor Cats – With a taste your cat will crave, new Acana Indoor Entrée focuses on small prey animal ingredients, like whole herring and rabbit, which helps a cat maintain lean muscle and supports a healthy skin and coat. Carefully balanced calories from protein and fat, plus naturally occurring L’carnitine, help cats maintain a healthy body weight.

The full line is an entirely new range for Acana, and the first to cater to specific life stages and support growth, development and function. Fact sheet is available to download here.

All Acana premium recipes are meat-rich to mirror cats’ evolutionary diet, include Fresh Regional Ingredients, and are crafted in its Kentucky kitchen. Quality ingredients make better food, which is why Acana’s new premium cat recipes contain 65-70% small prey animal ingredients, 1/3 of which are fresh or raw.

Product Details

Acana Premium Cat
MSRP: $15.99 for 4 lb. bag; $33.99 for 10 lb. bag

  • First Feast: Supports: Eye and brain development, muscle and bone growth, healthy skin and coat.
  • Homestead Harvest & Bountiful Catch: Supports: Healthy immune system, healthy heart and eyes, healthy skin and coat.
  • Indoor Entrée: Supports: Healthy weight, maintain lean muscle, healthy skin and coat.

Acana Super Premium Cat
MSRP: $21.99 – 24.99 for 4 lb. bag; $38.99 – $45.99 for 10 lb. bag

  • Meadowlands, Grasslands and Wild Atlantic: Supports: Digestive health, healthy heart and eyes, healthy skin and coat.

Functional Benefits

  • Brain, Heart, Eyes: Taurine, EPA and DHA support growth and development (First Feast, Homestead Harvest, Bountiful Catch, Meadowlands, Grasslands, Wild Atlantic)
  • Muscles, Bones: High-quality protein supports growth and development (First Feast, Indoor Entrée)
  • Healthy Skin, Shiny Coat: Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (First Feast, Homestead Harvest, Bountiful Catch, Indoor Entrée, Meadowlands, Grasslands, Wild Atlantic)
  • Healthy Immune System: Essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (Homestead Harvest, Bountiful Catch)
  • Healthy Body Weight: Carefully balanced calories from protein and fat, plus naturally occurring L’carnitine (Indoor Entrée)
  • Optimal Digestive Health: High-quality protein, naturally sourced fiber and probiotic blend (Meadowlands, Grasslands, Wild Atlantic)



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