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Affordable Pet Test Offers Comprehensive, Affordable Testing for Pet Intolerances




(PRESS RELEASE) LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – Pet intolerances to foods and environmental factors can make any animal miserable. Redness, swelling, inflammation, constant itching and loss of hair are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms that can be caused by an allergy. Affordable Pet Test (MSRP $144) is now offering a simple and affordable way to test pets for 300 food and environmental intolerances helping pet owners reduce their pet’s exposure to these items, thus helping to relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

“Pets are just like people and can suffer from many different forms of reactions,” says Lisa Blaurock, President of Affordable Pet Allergy Test. “Symptoms can range from red itchy skin to diarrhea and can be caused by anything from specific food ingredients to pollen. We can perform a comprehensive test that shows what a pet is intolerant to and help pet parents mitigate a pet’s exposure to these items, and all of this can be done without a visit to the vet.”

Testing is as simple as collecting ten to fifteen strands of hair or fur and sending them to the Affordable Pet Test office. Within seven to ten business days pet owners will receive an extensive, easy-to-understand report. The report is divided into sections that allow users to easily comprehend what catalysts are producing symptoms and to what degree. The information contained in these reports will allow pet owners to make changes to diet and/or lifestyle that will reduce a pet’s symptoms.

Testing using hair or fur samples is much more stable than the traditional blood test. Hair stores more information for a longer period of time and is not affected by food, stress or medications like blood testing. Additionally testing of hair can be done against 300 different items whereas blood testing can usually test for only a small range of items. And finally hair testing is less invasive than blood testing. It’s much easier to collect ten to fifteen strands of hair than it is to take a blood sample.


For more information or to begin the testing process please visit the website at



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