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Amazon to Remove Cashier-less Checkout in Its Grocery Stores

The technology will be replaced with “smart” shopping carts.




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Amazon (Seattle) is removing its cashier-less, “Just Walk Out” checkout at its U.S. Amazon Fresh grocery stores, according to CNN. 

Amazon debuted the Just Walk Out checkout at Amazon Go locations in 2018 using technology that allowed customers to pay for their groceries without waiting in line or using self-checkout. 

The Just Walk Out checkout will be replaced with Dash Cart at its more than 40 Amazon Fresh locations in the U.S. Dash Cart uses a “smart” shopping cart that lets customers scan groceries, link to online shopping and check out their products. Tests of Dash Cart have been conducted at 

Amazon will continue to use Just Walk Out in Amazon Go stores, at Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K. and at third-party locations, according to CNN.



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