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Baby Octopus and Bugs Help Pet Retailers Achieve Strong January Sales

Plus Hot Sellers from the month across a variety of categories.




We sold 117 units of various freeze-dried whole seafood items — mussels, baby octopus, sardines, prawns, etc. — from DROOLICIOUS. The visual novelty contributes to the sales. We put them in glass jars to make them more visible. — Kendra Conze, Health Mutt, Tampa, FL

LEO’S PAW Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set. I sold a couple dozen at $34.95, which is a lot for January for a high-ticket item. — Angela Velasquez, The Kitty Bodega, Houston, TX

  • INCLOVER Optagest Probiotic singles. Just $0.99 and a great add-on sale for any pet having digestive upset, starting meds or changing foods. There is a bottle, but the singles are an easy sale to get them going. We sold 85 in January. — Melisa Wynn, Paws & Fins Pet Shop, Bainbridge Island, WA
  • FROMM Classic Adult 30 pounds. We attached meal-mixer samples to the bags and sold 39 at our normal price. — Diane Mullen, Winni Paw Station, Wolfeboro, NH
  • The self-serve dog wash at our second location did very well. We charge $20 a dog, but if you spend an additional $50 in the store we discount the bath by $5. It was abnormally warm last month, and dogs were getting muddy. — Michele Saharic, Barkley’s Marketplace, Flemington, NJ
  • CHELSY’S TOYS Mini Snuffle Bag at $19.99. We sold nine. We have a display that features all of our enrichment toys. We have signage explaining the benefits of snuffle mats, lick mats, puzzles, and treat-dispensing toys. Customers love shopping the display to find the perfect product to keep their pets mentally stimulated, especially when they aren’t able to provide a lot of outdoor time. — Elizabeth Zikmund, Give A Dog A Bone, Evansville, IN
  • We finally had some snow, so MUSHER’S SECRET Dog Paw Wax has been selling well. We keep it on the counter, and it flies out when there is salt on the sidewalks. It’s much easier than putting on booties. — Barbara Clemmens, Aardvark Pet Supplies, Inc., Thornwood, NY
  • Our titer clinic was the biggest money maker for us in January. It is always a dead month, so we try to host an event. We had 37 animals come to the clinic, and it broke our record. So incredibly blessed! — Samantha Youngblood, Youngblood’s Natural Animal Care Center and Massage, Wilkinson, IN
  • VITAL ESSENTIALS freeze-dried Beef Mini Nibs and Bites! My store hosted a “yappy hour” New Year’s event, where we gave out plastic champagne glasses filled with a canine or feline food sample, meal topper and treats! Tons of customers came back in the following weeks stating that their pet loved the Nibs and Bites — and wanted more! We sold 17 bags of the 2.5-ounce Beef Bites at $8.99 and 12 bags of the 5.5-ounce Beef Mini Nibs at $14.99. These numbers are exponentially higher than the average of two per variety per month prior, and I expect even more growth in the future! — Mackenzie Howell, Concord Pet Foods and Supplies, Smyrna, DE
  • TUESDAY’S NATURAL DOG COMPANY Collagen Cravings with Cheese, 12-inch at $7.99. Very high margin and very popular. — Brett Foreman, Eupawria Holistic Pet Center, Owego, NY
  • It is ridiculous the amount of bugs we sell for feeders at our small store. They come in for crickets for $1.49 per dozen. The next time, they know we carry so many other things. Some of our best customers started with crickets. — Jennifer Stanislawski, Eden Garden and Pets, West Allis, WI
  • GO! SOLUTIONS has been an absolute hit for us. Our rep, Charles Eiler, assists with promotions, coupons and samples. This has quickly become a top three among all kibble in my store. — Victor Santucci, Garden State Pet Center, Audubon, NJ
  • RAW DYNAMIC dog food. Customers love the variety of proteins and the small cube size that thaws fast. It feeds well, and the bright packaging stands out in the freezers. — Jennie Dudley, Hairy Winston, Mount Pleasant, SC
  • MY PERFECT PET Gently Cooked. Boomer’s blend (in the new 4-pound box) sold the best at $37.49. The entire line does well for us, but the Boomer’s really took off. — Diane Marcin, Benny’s Pet Depot, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • I cannot keep GREEN JUJU Salmon Trainers in stock! I have to up my minimum every week! We have been using them as store treats because of the fish oils in them and it being so dry out. — Keri Torgerson, Mac’s Pet Depot Barkery, Milwaukee, WI

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