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Bark Your Biz Announces Entrepreneur Lineup for Global Pet Expo Program

Entrepreneur elevator pitch competition to feature nine company founders.




(PRESS RELEASE) Bark Your Biz, the first and only entrepreneur pitch competition exclusively for the pet care industry, has closed applications and announced the lineup for this year’s live program at the 2019 Global Pet Expo.

The event takes place from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in Room W306A at the Orlando Convention Center.

Bark Your Biz was created by and is hosted by Anthony and Amanda Bennie, the 22-time award-winning founders of Clear Conscience Pet. The program is sponsored by Clear Conscience Pet and its SuperGravy brand of holistic instant pet food topper gravy and broth mixes.

Bark Your Biz gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their products or services in a three minute elevator pitch to a panel of pet industry experts. The “Barkers” will be questioned about their products, branding, and market strategy by the panel. Three winners will be selected among the contestants based on Pitch, Product, and Market Potential. The winners will be eligible for personal consulting sessions from the hosts and panelists, including branding and packaging reviews, website evaluations, digital marketing support, ecommerce, and retail penetration strategies.

The Bark Your Biz lineup of companies and founder/presenters is as follows. Note that the order of presenters is accurate, but the assigned time slots are approximate.

  • 3:00-3:10 Animal Essentials: Greg Tilford
  • 3:15-3:25 Addison Pet Yards- Fish Gallery- Yard Dog: Roger DeGregori
  • 3:30-3:40 Pet FX/Canna Love: Jarid Gardner
  • 3:45- 3:55 Teef! Daily Dog Dental Care: Lindsey Huff & Emily Stein
  • 4:10- 4:20 Kitchen Dog: Terry Kasper
  • 4:25- 4:35 Walkee Paws: Lisa Baronoff
  • 4:40- 4:50 Rockster Pet Foods: Zoe and Sven Ley
  • 4:55- 5:05 Pet Krewe: Allison Albert
  • 5:15-5:25 K9 Corp. / Yak-9 Chews Pukar Payakurel

The panelists for Bark Your Biz are pet business experts and writers:

  • Phil Chang is the Founder of Retail Phil and is a retailing expert and consultant who writes for Pet Product News and other publications. Chang will also be leading a retailing strategy seminar at the 2019 Global Pet Expo;
  • BC Henschen is the founder/owner of the Platinum Paws, a legacy independent pet specialty retail store in Carmel, Indiana. Henschen also serves as Association for Truth in Pet Food consumer advocate on the board of the American Association of Feed Control Officials, and also serves on the World Pet Association board of directors. His monthly column can be found monthly on the back page of PET PRODUCT NEWS.
  • Candace D’Agnolo is a pet industry consultant who built a successful pet specialty retail chain and is now the founder and CEO of Pet Boss Nation, a membership-based think tank and training resource for pet business entrepreneurs. Pet Boss Nation hosts Camp Pet Boss, a rustic annual retreat for pet business entrepreneurs. D’Agnolo also writes a monthly column in PETS+ magazine.

Bark Your Biz welcomes Global Pet Expo press, buyers, and exhibitors to attend all or part of the live studio taping. “The show is entertaining and informative,” said Bennie. “Our panelists do ask some tough questions, but always with kindness and a genuine desire to help identify strengths and opportunities for the Barkers.”

The show will be available as a Bennie and the Pets Podcast as well as on the Clear Conscience Pet YouTube channel after the show is completed.




How to Make Your Advertising More Effective Over Time

Pet-business owners use lots of different methods for marketing and advertising, from direct mail to social media. But they often miss a crucial step, says marketing specialist Jim Ackerman. Very few businesses properly test and track their efforts. Jim explains that carefully monitoring your ads, and adjusting them accordingly, can dramatically improve your results.

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P.L.A.Y. Names Winners of Scholarship Competition

Claire Binfield from Las Vegas, NV, won this year’s competition.




(PRESS RELEASE) P.L.A.Y., Pet Lifestyle and You, has announced the winner of its sixth annual scholarship competition, Scholars Helping Collars. Each year, P.L.A.Y. awards one $1,000 scholarship to the student who best exemplifies the company’s core animal rights beliefs and who best describes, through an essay entry, the impact he or she has made on animal welfare in his or her community. Claire Binfield from Las Vegas, NV, won this year’s competition for her work with researchers on marine life preservation along with her role as a volunteer puppy raiser with Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Binfield has always been passionate about marine life, so in 2014 she self-funded a two-week Girl Scout Destination trip to Costa Rica and Panama to work with researchers on sea turtle preservation. During the trip, she participated in nightly beach patrols to protect sea turtles while they laid eggs, cataloged nests, evaluated unhatched eggs, and even helped release 100 hatchling sea turtles to the ocean. While in Panama, she also completed her open-water scuba certification, which will allow her to continue her work in marine life preservation.

In 2015, Binfield embarked on another Girl Scout Destination trip to Texas, this time for a 10-day marine science camp where she helped build and install monofilament fishing line recycle containers at a local pier. Through this volunteer work, Binfield also learned how providing the recycle containers allows fishermen to responsibly dispose of used lines and hooks that could otherwise harm the aquatic wildlife. Through both of these trips, Binfield solidified her desire to pursue a career in marine animal rescue and ocean preservation.

Binfield’s passion for animals has also extended into her role as a volunteer puppy raiser for GBD, a nonprofit providing free guide dogs to the visually impaired. Raising guide dogs opened her eyes to how service dogs can impact people’s lives through providing increased mobility and independence. This inspired her to create a social media awareness campaign, “Octaves Journey,” in order to provide schools and businesses with information about properly training service dogs and ADA accessibility rights.

“Claire’s passion for preserving and advocating for animals in her local community and around the globe is bound to impact the world in her future career as a Marine Biologist,” said Deborah Feng co-founder of P.L.A.Y. “Her drive inspired us to award her this scholarship and we are excited to watch her succeed as she begins her studies at Mitchell College.”

In addition to Binfield’s first place $1,000 prize, P.L.A.Y. also selected second and third place winners. Camille Hoffman from Carlsbad, CA, was awarded second place and will be receiving a set of 10 Warm Bellies Special Edition Chill Pads from P.L.A.Y. to be donated to the animal shelter of her choice — the NoWorriesMovement. Yasmin Ballew from Manteca, CA received third place — Ballew will receive a five-piece Garden Fresh plush toy set from P.L.A.Y. to be donated to the shelter of her choosing, Animal Rescue Tracy.

Winners were chosen from a pool of more than 370 applicants from across the country. Each essay was judged by P.L.A.Y. representatives using the following criteria:

• Compelling and engaging description of volunteer efforts and their impact on the personal life of the student

• Thematic consistency throughout the submission around the central thesis

• Proper spelling and grammar usage throughout the submission

To read Binfield’s winning essay, as well as the second and third place entries, visit

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NILodor Expands Distribution in Canada

It has teamed up with Anipet Animal Supplies.




(PRESS RELEASE) NILodor Pet Brands has teamed up with Anipet Animal Supplies to distribute NILodor’s Tough Stuff and Mossy Oak Active Outdoor Dog product lines in Canada.

Anipet will offer odor control products for the home and pet formulated products with NILodor’s proprietary Odor Eliminating Technology. Products include odor and stain eliminator, grooming shampoos and sprays, Tap-A- Drop, cat litter additive, and rug and room deodorizers.

“It’s our commitment and priority to ensure the success of brick-and-mortar pet retailers. Our partnership with Anipet Animal Supplies helps achieve this goal in the Canadian Market”, said Jamie Thomas, national sales manager of NILodor. Anipet brings more than 30 years of experience providing superior pet products to independent pet specialty store, groomers and veterinary clinics.

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NYC Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo Wraps Up, Sets 2020 Date

It is scheduled to take place Tuesday, May 12, 2020.




(PRESS RELEASE) On Tuesday, April 30, the seventh annual NYC Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo took place and had the best event turnout to date. Hosted once again by Nancy Hassel of American Pet Professionals and Dana Humphrey of Whitegate PR, more than 200 attendees from the New York City and surrounding areas joined together at Home Studios Inc. near Union Square Park for this one-day boutique B2B tradeshow.

In previous years, the NYC Retails & Sales Pet Expo was exclusive to media, pet retailers, groomers, veterinarians, social media and pet influencers. However, this year for the first time, the event opened the doors to the public for special pet parent hours. During the last two hours of the show, pet parents were invited to attend the expo to shop for the latest pet products, as well partake in a very interesting panel discussion regarding one of the pet industry’s fastest-growing trends: CBD and holistic pet care.

“Every year has been a success with the NYC Re-tails and Sales Pet Expo. However, this year, there was an energy and excitement that felt much different than ever before,” said Dana Humphrey founder and president of Whitegate PR. “Our vendors and attendees had fantastic feedback about the day, and allowing pet parents to join us gave the expo an added layer of fun!”

CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, has had a surge in popularity over the past couple of years for people and pets which is why the CBD market is expected to hit $22 billion by 2022, according to the Brightfield Group, cannabis industry analysts.

“Pet retailers are jumping on board to this massive trend, which is why Dana and I decided to add a CBD panel at this year’s show,” said Nancy Hassel, founder and president of American Pet Professionals. “Valuable and crucial information was shared at the discussion for both pet industry professionals and pet owners. It was the perfect way to close out the day!”

Attendees gathered around to hear from industry experts, all of which were exhibitors at the show, during two panel sessions CBD 101 and the Business Side of CBD and Hemp. Panels included: Angela Ardolino from CBD Dog Health, Craig Henderson from Fetch/Extract Labs, Matt Terrill from Innovet Pet, Min An from Buzzin and Dee Rivera of LATINISTA Magazine (as moderator). Panel session two consisted of: Dr. Bob Goldstein of Earth Animal; Damian Dalla-Longo of Bona Vida, Steven Cron Benchmark Payment Networks, Rob Kovler of Animal Nutritional Products, and Glenn Polyn from PET AGE Magazine (as moderator). During each panel, attendees learned about hemp regulations and how to carry this exploding new category in their stores. Veterinarians and experts crafting CBD in the USA were available for cautious pet parents and professionals to get their questions answered about this natural product that helps calm pets from anxiety and other ailments, especially prone problems for urban pets!

The vendor lineup included: Animal Nutritional Products, Benchmark Payment Networks, Bona Vida, Brutus Broth, Buzzn, CBD Dog Health, Don’t Forget Pocket Strap, Earth Animal, Emma Ko’s, Extract Labs/Fetch, Fairy Boss, Fluffygram, Green Coast Pet, Innovet Pet, NaturVet, NeVetica, Pet Smoochies, Pets Destiny, Ruffina, TwinCritters, Viachem, Wooftown’s brands: Baked Fresh and Home Cooked pet treats and food.

Mark your calendar for next year’s NYC Re-tails Sales Pet Expo, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

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