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Caitec Introduces Four New Featherland Paradise Bird Toys at Global Pet Expo

The four toys incorporate Caitec’s 30 years of bird product research and development.




(PRESS RELEASE) HALETHORPE, MD – Caitec (, a leader in the bird toy category, announced the launch of four new bird todays under its Featherland Paradise brand. The four toys incorporate Caitec’s 30 years of bird product research & development. Each product uniquely meets birds’ mental, social and physical needs. Bird owners agree on the importance of keeping their pets engaged, active and socially stimulated. Photos, details and MSRPs are listed in detail below.

Featherland Paradise by Caitec Beauty Mirror

Is your bird the fairest of them all? Small birds love looking at themselves in the mirror! In fact, sometimes they think their reflection is another bird keeping them company. The Featherland Paradise Beauty Mirror is ideal for small birds. It keeps them engaged, keeps them company and it fits any cage! Your bird will love the new Featherland Paradise Beauty Mirror from Caitec. MSRP: $7.99

Featherland Paradise by Caitec Swing N’ Perch

Your bird will be swinging in the fun with the new Featherland Paradise Swing N’ Perch! It allows birds to swing or simply rest on a perch. It’s like 2 products in 1! Birds love to swing. It keeps them amused and engaged. They also love to perch up high to see everything around them. The new Swing N’ Perch fits any cage! It’s ideal for small birds. MSRP: $8.99

Featherland Paradise by Caitec Tire Swing

Swing in the fun with the Featherland Paradise Tire Swing! It recreates a children’s classic for small birds. Swinging on the tire keeps birds amused, entertained and engaged! They can also use it as a perch when relaxing and taking a rest from all the fun. The Featherland Paradise Tire Swing is ideal for small birds and it fits any cage! MSRP: $8.99

Featherland Paradise by Caitec Percussion Mirror

The beat goes on with the Featherland Paradise Percussion Mirror! It will keep your small bird engaged, amused and entertained for hours. Birds are attracted to mirrors which can also keep them company. And once they land on the ‘drum’ perch they can make beautiful music on the chimes and chirp to their own beat. Ideal for small birds and fits any cage! MSRP: $6.99

“Since Caitec’s beginnings we have strived to develop best-in-class toys that take into account both the mental and physical needs of birds,” said Terry Gao, CEO of Caitec. “30 years later we are still developing unique, high-quality toys for today’s bird owners.”

To learn more about the new Featherland Paradise toys and see how you can merchandise them in your store, visit Caitec at Global Pet Expo, Booth #1815.




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