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Caru Commits to Higher-Welfare Chicken Sourcing Through ASPCA Pet Food Initiative

By June 1, 2025, the company says it will earn certification recognized by the organization’s Shop With Your Heart program for its CARU Daily Dish Chicken Stew for Dogs.




(PRESS RELEASE) VERO BEACH, FL — Caru announces it has adopted a new animal welfare policy that includes a commitment to improving the lives of chickens in its supply chain by June 1, 2025. With guidance from the ASPCA through its higher-welfare pet food initiative, the policy lays out a path to improve the treatment of farm animals by committing to sourcing chicken from farms that hold higher standards of care for their animals.

The vast majority of farm animals in the United States are raised on factory farms where they can’t express even their most basic natural behaviors; between 25-30 percent of farm animals raised for food are used to feed dogs and cats. Many pet owners’ concern for animals extends to those raised on farms and this pledge provides pet food brands with a unique opportunity to improve the lives of all animals. More humane husbandry practices exist, and Caru’s dedication to sourcing from better farms and ranches will give consumers the information and assurance they need to make choices that are aligned with their values.

“At Caru, we care about the compassionate treatment of animals,” says Adrian Pettyan, co-founder and CEO of Caru Pet Food. “That’s why we’re pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the ASPCA to help create a more humane, resilient and sustainable farming system through higher-welfare sourcing of chicken for our Daily Dish Chicken Stew for Dogs.”

Caru is among other leading pet food brands that are improving animal welfare in their supply chains in alignment with meaningful standards recognized by the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program that connects consumers to more humane options in the marketplace, including pet food brands.

“In a time where it can be hard to find pet food options that don’t come from factory farms, Caru Pet Food’s commitment to higher-welfare sourcing of chicken provides pet owners a much-desired option,” said Maral Cavner, senior manager of Corporate Policy, ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare. “We are heartened by their pledge for chickens and look forward to collaborating with them on this meaningful goal.”

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About Caru Pet Food

Caru means “to love” in Welsh and was the name of the founders’ beloved Golden Retriever, Karu. Working in close collaboration with a Ph.D. animal nutritionist, medical professionals Adrian and Pamela Pettyan created a complete line of naturally healthy stews, bone broths and treats for both dogs and cats that look, smell and taste “just like homemade”. Caru Natural Stews and bone broths are proudly made with 100 percent human grade ingredients and are produced with integrity in a human grade facility. Additionally, they are the first USA-made human grade pet food to be packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, which offer significant advantages for pet parents versus conventional cans. This healthful brand also offers a complete family of award-winning Caru Soft ‘n Tasty Treats available in assorted Bite variations as well as Daily Dish Smoothies Treats and hearty Daily Dish Broths for dogs and cats. For the full story, visit



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