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Cat Foods for Felines of Different Ages and Stages




FOOD MANUFACTURERS ARE focusing on taking care of our cats through all their life stages, bringing many new choices for pet parents. Kittens were once forced to forage from the same bowl as adults; now they can now enjoy a meal made specifically for them. Thanks to increased veterinary care, food allergies are being diagnosed early on, enabling pet parents to seek out foods for sensitive stomachs. We’ve selected some newer releases — as well as a few established foods worth considering — designed to target some of the dietary concerns that can occur across a cat’s nine lives.

DRY CAT FOOD PRICE KEY: $ $0-$2/pound | $$ $2-$3/pound | $$$ $3-$4/pound | $$$$ $4+/pound
WET CAT FOOD PRICE KEY: $ 5-15 cents/ounce | $$ 16-30 cents/ounce | $$$ 31-50 cents/ ounce | $$$$ 51+ cents/ounce 

You’re Kitten Me

Ahh, kittens. Little fluffballs with claws! To help that baby grow into a strong and healthy adult, many food companies have added or are coming out with formulas just for them. Consider expanding on a line you currently offer or add a few as a stand-alone product for a totally pawsome selection.

Elite Nutrition Grain Free Holistic

KEY FEATURES: New release of a full line of cat food formulas that feature high levels of taurine, cranberries and coconut oil to help mitigate hairballs, urinary tract infections and other problems. Kitten formula is made with chicken, chickpeas and salmon.

SALES TIP: Type the production code of your bag into the website, and Pureluxe will send you a complete report about the ingredients and their sources for that bag., (888) 226-2035



Grain Free Healthy Kitten
Whole Earth Farms

KEY FEATURES: Part of a new line of grain-free pâté, this protein-rich recipe features chicken and chicken liver as the main ingredients, fortified with vitamins and minerals to assist with growth.

SALES TIP: Budget-minded customers who still want high-quality wet food will pounce on this kitten-centric formula. Pair it with the dry variety for the best of both worlds., (800) 323-3353


Lotus Oven-Baked Kitten Recipe

KEY FEATURES: Developed by a pet retailer looking to create the ideal holistic food, using human-grade, hormone-free meats, and whole fruits and veggies.


SALES TIP: Slow food: Oven-cooking the kibble results in more meat being used, better retention of nutrients and increased palatability., (888) 995-6887


Not Feline Great

In some cases, cats that used to be referred to as “finicky eaters” we now realize have dietary or digestive issues as the root cause. Some cats can suddenly have a reaction to a food they’ve been eating happily for months, even years. When that happens, it’s best for pet parents to scale back to a more gentle food, such as one of these, in order to try and figure out the cause.

GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Limited Ingredient Diet

KEY FEATURES: Features sustainably harvested Alaska pollock, an excellent source of protein, minerals and omega fatty acids that’s low in carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat.

SALES TIP: Goes down easy: This gentle formula contains coconut oil for easy digestion and energy, tapioca for an easily digestible source of carbohydrates, and chicory root, a pre-biotic that promotes digestive health.

Advertisement, (866) 864-6112


Low Phosphorus Chicken Blend
My Perfect Pet Food

KEY FEATURES: Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats requiring reduced levels of phosphorus in their diet, such as cats with kidney/renal issues. Bag contains 10 individually wrapped bars, which is on average a 10-day supply.

SALES TIP: For pet parents who have tried everything for their sensitive cat but are reluctant to move into prescription diets., (858) 486-6510


Lovingly Simple
I and Love and You

KEY FEATURES: Salmon gets top billing in this new limited ingredient diet formula for cats with sensitivities or food allergies. In fact, salmon, salmon meal and fish meal make up three of the nine key ingredients, for a sea-based selection.

SALES TIP: The pared-down ingredient list means your customers will know exactly what their cats are eating., (855) 459-5683


Senior Moments

As cats age, their nutritional needs change and food allergies and intolerances can pop up as they enter their golden years. In addition, senior kitties are more vulnerable to developing bigger healthy problems and diseases, so it becomes even more essential to pay attention to their diet and feed optimum nutrition.

Furrever Young
Solid Gold

KEY FEATURES: Real turkey and turkey meal combine with wholesome ingredients like cranberries, pearled barley and potatoes. Grain- and gluten-free recipe is ideally suited for cats with food allergies or sensitivities.

SALES TIP: It’s like Thanksgiving in a bag. Don’t forget the green bean casserole!, (800) 364-4863


Wild Frontier Senior Cat Food

KEY FEATURES: Part of a new campaign to “feed clean,” Nutro has revamped old recipes and introduced new ones, which includes its grain-free, high-protein Wild Frontier line. The Open Valley Chicken formula for seniors features chicken and chicken meal at the top.

SALES TIP: With added vitamins and minerals for heart health, joint care and to boost immunity, the only thing missing in this food is an AARP membership., (800) 833-5330


Grain Free Pure Meadow

KEY FEATURES: This limited-ingredient diet senior cat formula features eight key ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, lentils, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), chickpeas, peas and alfalfa, plus a mix of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

SALES TIP: Less is more when selecting foods for seniors with sensitive stomachs., (800) 398-1600




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