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Cocojor to Introduce Non-Electric Minicle Micro Bubbles Bath System at SuperZoo

The company also offers an online course for business owners.




(PRESS RELEASE) HONOLULU – Urgent News, Pet Owner & Pet Business Cocojor Eco-Friendly Minicle Micro Bubble Machine we are the only one who has proven 21 years this all natural patented method just Water + Detox pooch through their skin and it works.

The Eco-Friendly Minicle Micro Bubbles Bath System that is compact weighs only 7 lb. This treatment is a 100% effective way to get dogs completely clean from their coats down to even the tiniest pores. No electric, no recycle water, save money, time and fastest way to get rid of the itchy & stinky pets.

The Minicle Micro Bubbles treatment doesn’t use any shampoos or chemicals to provide dogs with a deep cleaning.The treatment solely utilizes warm water that has been passed through the patented Minicle Micro Bubbles machine, which creates negative ions within the water, and shrinks each water molecule to 1/1000th the size of a normal water bubble. Minicle Micro Bubbles are able to penetrate past a dog’s coat and deep into its pores to provide the ultimate cleaning experience. Minicle Micro Bubbles lift old sebum (naturally occurring body oils) and keratin (outer skin and hair cells) from the skin, leaving behind skin that’s naturally moisturized with the proper balance of sebum and water.

The Minicle Micro Bubbles’ deep cleaning helps mitigate common skin problems that dogs suffer from. In addition, the treatment detoxes dogs from the inside out by promoting increased blood circulation and oxygenation, which also helps mitigate skin conditions.




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