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D.O.G. Signs With Distributor Northland Natural Pet for Upper Midwest

NNP will be the exclusive distributor for the upper Midwest United States.




(PRESS RELEASE) Do Only Good Certified Pet Nutrition (D.O.G.) announced the agreement with Northland Natural Pet in Minneapolis, MN as the exclusive distributor for the upper Midwest United States. D.O.G. produces and markets a line of single protein kibble and paté foods. NNP is the leading distributor of holistic pet products in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

“NNP’s steadfast commitment to both natural pet products and independent retailers echoes our team’s devotion to serving the pet parents in their communities,” said Rick Pack, founder of D.O.G. “It is a privilege that they will be representing our brand.”

D.O.G. foods are formulated by expert pet nutritionist, Dr. Randall Johnson. D.O.G. offers a variety of single meat and fish proteins including beef, chicken, duck, lamb, turkey and white fish. “More and more vets are recommending rotational diets,” said Dr. Johnson. D.O.G. proprietary formulas were specifically created as a rotational feeding system which adds variety to a dog’s diet while helping to prevent the risk of digestive issues and allergic reactions.

“We are excited to work with a brand that values quality for pet’s, transparency for pet parents and is committed to supporting brick & mortar retailers,” said Jill Peterson of Northland Natural Pet. “Northland looks forward to partnering with D.O.G. to offer their responsibly sourced products in earth-friendly packaging in the Midwest Region.”,




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