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Dr. Roger Mugford and The Company of Animals Introduce Coachi

Coachi unites the training and play categories to help owners bond with, celebrate and enhance the lives of pets.





(PRESS RELEASE) Dr. Roger Mugford and his expert team of trainers at The Company of Animals Pet Centre have combined their 100+ years of experience to launch a NEW training brand – Coachi.

In an industry first, Coachi unites the training and play categories to help owners bond with, celebrate and enhance the lives of pets. The range is designed to suit dogs of all life stages, sizes, weights, abilities, and motivations be it food, praise, or play.

Introducing Coachi

This NEW and exciting range of accessories has been expertly crafted to include fun, innovative and friendly designs. The easy-to-use training range is set to launch worldwide in October 2022 and while many may consider training to be a specialist category, Dr Roger and the team are on a mission to inject some fun and play to every pet’s learning journey.

“All dogs, regardless of age or breed, require training and here at the Company of Animals Pet Centre, we have seen over half a million dogs since 1979 and each one is, like humans, entirely different from the next. What is certain though, is training a dog will strengthen the bond between the pet and owner and ultimately ensure both parties can settle into a happy, harmonious life together. What’s more, play is of course an essential part of cognitive, emotional, and physical development and so, in the interest of animal welfare and happiness, it seemed only logical to combine the two for a positive, balanced, and happy approach to dog training,” says Dr Roger Mugford.

Making training easy, approachable and fun for all


The desire was to create a training range that was consumer friendly, simple to shop and most importantly easy to use and understand! Suitable or all puppies and dogs 8+ weeks, the Coachi range is perfect for tackling challenges presented to all new and existing dog owners, as well as providing new innovation for those more experienced, dog trainers and professionals. To support dog owners in their product choices, the range has been uniquely divided into 3 simple color coded categories: Learn, Play and Fun & Tricks, to cover all stages of dog training and development.

  • Learn: Recall & Manners, is the first stage and focuses on learning the basics of social behavior through positive and rewarding experiences.
  • Play: Play & Reward, is the second stage and focuses on engaging through play to develop a positive and happy relationship with our dogs. Play with a purpose.
  • Fun & Tricks: Tricks & Retrieval, is the last stage and is all about offering our pets extra fun, strengthening the bond between dog and owner, and building the relationship further, helping us all to raise confident dogs.

Transforming the training category

A recent global study commissioned by Company of Animals found that consumers prioritized humane training methods (68%) above all other training product needs, with effectiveness (65%), good quality (51%) and easy to use designs (45%) following suit. As such, the Coachi team designed the range to directly adhere to these consumer desires and have created unique QR codes on packaging to offer dog owners further support. Each code directs to a dedicated online product guide and top tips to equip dog owners with the information they need to get the best from their purchase. Once complete, the packaging can be recycled in its entirety.

Targeted ‘play’ category is great motivation

The Company of Animals Pet Centre experts know all too well that while treats may get some dogs working, many dogs remain unfocused or may be overstimulated by the offer of food. However, most dogs will engage in play. Despite the domestication of our four-legged friends, play will lend itself to a dog’s basic predatory instincts such to chase or retrieve. In contrast, the infantilising of our dogs means that Coachi, designed to help harness the power of play, can ensure dogs remain young at heart. By getting even the oldest or laziest engage in play, life will subsequently be richer, happier, and even longer.

Great for gifting


In addition, a recent study found that 61% of dog owners purchase birthday gifts for their dogs. Coachi not only provides distraction and eventual relief from undesirable behavior but also builds a pet’s confidence and offers hours of fun, games, and create a loving bonding with their owners – the perfect gift for any four-legged friend!

About Dr Roger

Widely acknowledged as Britain’s leading animal psychologist, Roger’s mythologies are used by veterinarian throughout the UK. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and Psychology in 1968, Roger embarked on a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Hull in 1973, where he examined aggression in animals. His subsequent studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, saw him begin research on the behavior of dogs and cats – particularly social and aggressive behavior. Dr Roger has since written three books, “Dr. Mugford’s Casebook” (Hutchinson 1991); “Dog Training the Mugford Way” (Hutchinson 1992); and his latest “The Perfect Dog” was published in 2013 by Hamlyn in both North America and the UK.

Roger Mugford has dedicated his life to strengthen the bond between dog’s and their owners to ensure happy and harmonious living. His hands-on attitude, years of experience and balanced approach to dog training has enabled him to create marketing leading and award-winning designs that deliver results for millions worldwide. By challenging the parameters of the pet industry, Dr Roger and his Company of Animals continue to champion canine well-being above all else.

About Company of Animals

Company of Animals (COA) was founded in 1979 by Dr Roger Mugford. Constantly developing and expanding, the COA portfolio now boasts over 11 different product ranges including Halti, (the 2016/7 World Branding Award winner), Baskerville muzzles, training accessories and the revolutionary hand-held Pet Corrector device (which interrupts unwanted behavior by a hiss of air). The Company of Animals also acquired a much-loved grooming brand Pet Head, in 2016.

The headquarters site in rural Surrey has now been rebranded to the Company of Animals Pet Centre and widely regarded as one of the best in the country. The centre specializes in all levels of dog training, offers behavior consultations on veterinary referral, hydro and physiotherapy as well as helping to resolve legal issues about pets. This unique tradition gives Company of Animals the ability to constantly research and develop new products that help address pet-related behavior and training problems, as well as providing a practical base on which to test new designs and principles of animal training.

COA now has offices in the UK, USA and Australia, working closely with suppliers, distributors and partners in more than 50 countries. In 2019, The Company of Animals commitment to international trade was recognized by receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.




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