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E-Commerce Firm Buys Stake in Jolly Pets Parent Company




Jolly Pets toys are sold in 50 countries.

NEW YORK — Tenth Avenue Commerce, a Connecticut- and New York-based e-commerce holding company, has acquired a majority interest in Horsemen’s Pride’s business, along with that of Jolly Pets.

“The investment in Horsemen’s Pride including Jolly Pets expands our suite of consumer goods companies,” said Michael Chapin, CEO of Tenth Avenue Commerce. “Jolly Pets joining the Tenth Avenue Commerce team means TAC now offers a variety of top-quality consumer and online products to all members of your family, including your pet. Jolly Pets is a pioneering company that will offer us an opportunity for growth in a new product category. I am proud to partner with Jolly Pets to offer innovative products, including the Jolly Ball, Jolly Tug and Jolly Bone.”

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Horsemen’s Pride, led by Robert Miavitz, was founded in 1976. In 1994, it saw an opportunity to expand its offerings from horses to dogs by creating Jolly Pets, which offers 20  dog toys. Jolly Pets toys are sold in 50 countries worldwide and are manufactured primarily in Ohio.


“I am thrilled to join forces with TAC, as is the entire Horsemen’s Pride Team,” said Robert Miavitz, CEO of Horsemen’s Pride. “It has always been our mission to seek new and innovative ways to develop superior products for your companion. We’re always moving forward and raising the bar, which is why we have decided to partner with TAC, a leader in consumer-facing companies.”



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