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Earth Animal CEO Stewart Shanley Recognized as One of the Top 100 Leaders Making a Positive Impact

The ranking acknowledges leaders who believe that businesses have a responsibility not only to the bottom line but to social and environmental change, too.




(PRESS RELEASE) SOUTHPORT, CT – The face of leadership in business is changing, with impact-driven CEOs being celebrated, including Stewart Shanley, who, in a heartfelt moment for the Earth Animal family, was recently named to the 2024 MO 100 CEOs Impact Ranking. The Ranking, curated by Big Path Capital, recognizes more than profits and growth – it acknowledges leaders who believe that businesses have a responsibility not only to the bottom line but to social and environmental change too.

Known for his altruistic outlook, Stewart’s vision aligns well with the MO 100’s focus on CEOs who see every business transaction as an opportunity to create positive outcomes.

Companies led by this year’s MO 100 honorees, including Stewart, have shown higher revenue growth, indicating a shift towards a business landscape where impact and purpose matter. The 2024 Ranking recognizes leaders from 77 Certified B Corporations, including Earth Animal. Certified B Corporations pass rigorous reviews to demonstrate a high level of social and environmental performance, a commitment of accountability to all stakeholders, and transparency.

“The MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking celebrates leaders who are leveraging the engine of capitalism to create shared prosperity,” said Michael Whelchel, founder and CEO of Big Path Capital, which assists purpose-driven companies and private equity funds in raising capital and company exits. “These CEOs are the real catalysts and agents of change driving the most dynamic segment of the economy.”

Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, co-founders of Earth Animal, are thrilled Stewart’s efforts have been recognized in Big Path Capital’s prestigious ranking. “Congratulations, Stewart, on being recognized as one of the top impact B-Corp CEOs. You deserve to be in good company, and all of us at Earth Animal are genuinely proud.”

About Big Path Capital

Big Path Capital advises leading impact companies and funds in capital raises and in mergers and acquisitions. As the first Certified B Corporation investment bank over 15 years ago, Big Path Capital has worked with over 200 company and fund clients, connecting them to the largest network of impact investors in the world.

About Earth Animal

In 1979, Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, Co-Founders of Earth Animal, embraced the transition from conventional veterinary medicine to an integrative and holistic approach focusing on the whole animal. They began creating natural products without using toxic chemicals to treat their patients and family animals. Since then, Earth Animal’s focus has been to pioneer another way – a more holistic, humane, and sustainable way to enhance and preserve quality of life for dogs and cats. Their award-winning products are produced with purpose in the USA with Earth’s finest ingredients. Earth Animal products can be found at independent pet shops nationwide. For more information about Earth Animal, please reach out to Susan Goldstein at 203.557.3322 or email



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