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ElleVet Sciences Partners with Fear Free

Aim is to reduce stress in pets.




(PRESS RELEASE) PORTLAND, ME — Fear Free, LLC, an education company providing groundbreaking continuing education on pets’ emotional wellbeing for veterinary and pet professionals, and ElleVet Sciences have partnered to help veterinary and pet professionals, pet parents, and animal welfare communities give pets the highest level of success in handling stressful situations. ElleVet Sciences first calms pets without sedating them, allowing them to respond to the positive reinforcement methods practiced by Fear Free Certified veterinarians. This partnership will not only improve the emotional experience for pets but also for trained pet professionals and pet parents.

“We are looking forward to partnering with ElleVet Sciences,” Fear Free founder Dr. Marty Becker said. “It is exciting to work with the companion animal CBD space leader, and we’re eager to collaborate on educational content for professionals and pet owners to show how ElleVet and Fear Free are effective in reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.”

ElleVet Sciences, the CBD + CBDA company renowned for its commitment to research and science, is the only pet CBD + CBDA company on the market proven to work in multiple clinical trials and safety studies. Since 2016, Fear Free has provided online and in-person education to more than 248,000 veterinary and pet professionals. By closely listening to the needs of the veterinary profession, Fear Free has built a robust catalog of certification programs and courses that focus on the emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. ElleVet Sciences products are shown to reduce stress in pets, making the new partnership with Fear Free a win for pets everywhere.

“We have long admired the incredible impact Fear Free has had on removing stress for pets visiting the veterinarian,” said ElleVet Sciences Co-Founder Amanda Howland. “This partnership is a natural fit and a way for us to work together to educate and provide a multi-modal approach to addressing fear or stress responses in pets,”

Stress is one of the primary reasons for veterinary visits, and post-pandemic, and is even more prevalent in dogs. Pressure can be from many factors, including separation, past trauma, loud noises, veterinary visits, grooming or kennel visits, and even picking up on stress in their people. Understanding and addressing stress in pets, both from a behavioral and a calming standpoint, is the most effective combination for stress mitigation.

About Fear Free

Founded by Dr. Marty Becker and developed by hundreds of experts in behavior, medicine, and handling, Fear Free offers online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, pet professionals, the animal welfare community, and pet owners.  Fear Free provides professionals and pet lovers with the knowledge and tools to look after a pet’s physical and emotional well-being.


Veterinary or pet professionals can learn more about becoming Fear Free Certified by visiting  Pet owners can visit to access free videos, articles, and more that will help improve their pets’ physical and emotional health right at home.  Shelter, rescue, and animal welfare employees and volunteers can visit to enroll in the complimentary program.

About Ellevet Sciences

Co-founded by Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer, ElleVet Sciences is the industry leader in CBD + CBDA products for companion animals.  ElleVet is committed to scientific rigor and is the only pet CBD product proven to work and be safe in multiple clinical trials with prestigious institutions, including Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

ElleVet Sciences offers chews, soft gels, and oils to support the well-being of pets in the areas of joint discomfort, stress, itching, seizures, and senior wellness.  Doing the right thing for animals and improving their quality of life through sciences is the driving force behind ElleVet. Information on products and studies can be found at



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