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ElleVet Sciences Issued a Patent for Proprietary CBD+CBDA Formulation

The U.S. patent covers its use of hemp extracts for the treatment of pain and other conditions in animals.




(PRESS RELEASE) PORTLAND, ME – ElleVet Sciences, a pet CBD+CBDA company, announced the issuance of US Patent No. 11,712,456 covering the use of hemp extracts for the treatment of pain and other conditions in animals.

“This is a huge win for ElleVet and embodies our dedication and belief in the scientific process,” said ElleVet Sciences CCO and Co-Founder and Amanda Howland, adding that “we developed our proprietary formulation years ago and have always maintained that our specific formulation has been critical to our success, and the reason we have unmatched success. The issuance of this patent proves our long held belief that hemp is not all the same, that the specific product is where success lies, and that ElleVet is truly the best product for pets.”

ElleVet Sciences has long been known as the leader in hemp products for pets and in 2017 completed the first ever clinical trial on dogs with osteoarthritis at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The trial was a resounding success with 75% of dogs showing significant or dramatic improvement in comfort and mobility.

“Pioneering science has always been at the heart of ElleVet’s products,” said Christian Kjaer, CEO and co-founder of ElleVet Sciences. “This patent is a series of new patents we expect to be granted over the next several years. They will provide us the protection to continue investing in science to discover and develop new ways of improving the lives of our pets.”

The company’s patent protected hemp extract has shown superiority compared to other hemp products on the market, and is the product used most by veterinarians. ElleVet has an impressive advisory board made up of some of the country’s most renowned veterinarians as well as a double board-certified Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Wakshlag.


ElleVet’s proprietary and patented CBD+CBDA blend has shown success in clinical trials in areas of atopic dermatitis and epilepsy, indicating that the blend, now patented for addressing pain in dogs, has a broader scope into other areas.

“I am proud of our leading position in the market as a customer centric company investing significantly in building a deep scientific understanding into the potential of hemp including CBD+CBDA – we are the scientific leader but still have much more to discover in this field,” said Kjaer. We are looking forward to the road ahead and the future of hemp for pets. Our research into the different acidic forms of the hemp molecules is an area we are particularly excited about expanding upon and sharing with the scientific community.

About ElleVet Sciences

ElleVet Sciences is a leading science-focused pet CBD+CBDA company based in Portland, Maine, USA and the first and only company to conduct clinical trials with proven results using their cannabinoid and terpene oil blend. ElleVet was founded by Christian Kjaer and Amanda Howland in 2017. The entire ElleVet team combines science and veterinary backgrounds with a dedication to animals through research and innovation. For more information please visit or on social media at @Ellevetsciences on Facebook and Instagram.



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