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Eyenimal Forms Partnership with Ideal Pet Products to Expand Delivery of Groundbreaking Pet Technology




(PRESS RELEASE) Eyenimal, a leading developer of high-tech products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners, announces that it has partnered with Ideal Pet Products, which designs and manufactures premium-quality pet doors. Through this alliance, Ideal Pet Products will now be the exclusive supplier for Eyenimal products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. As family-owned businesses, both companies are driven by the same goal: to provide superior service for customers and their pets. The partnership will enable Ideal Pet Products to provide its vendor partners with a wider range of pet goods, while allowing Eyenimal to deliver its innovative products to pet owners throughout North America. 

Guided by a mission “to make man pet’s best friend,” Eyenimal designs and manufactures a wide selection of smart products that improve pets’ health, happiness and well-being while fortifying the special human-animal bond. After conducting extensive research into the daily lives and habits of cats and dogs, Eyenimal combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly design to create items such as electronic pet feeding devices, training tools and toys. Since 2011, Eyenimal has been a brand of Num’Axes, a French leader in the pet products industry that specializes in electronic solutions for dog training. Although Eyenimal is now based in the U.S., most of its products are developed in the company’s original home of France. 

As a leading developer of pet doors since 1979, Ideal Pet Products shares Eyenimal’s commitment to creating cutting-edge products that improve quality of life for pets and their owners. Based in California, Ideal Pet Products strives to provide optimal freedom and protection for cats and dogs while assuring owners that their four-legged family members are safe and comfortable. The company’s selection of products includes over 200 pet doors and pet product replacement parts that are handcrafted to take into account customers’ unique needs. Ideal Pet Products is also passionate about conserving natural resources by designing energy-saving pet doors. 

Ideal Pet Products will be showcasing several new Eyenimal products at the Global Pet Expo, which will be held from March 21-23, 2018 in Orlando, FL, as well as at SuperZoo, held June 26-28, 2018 in Las Vegas. These exciting products will include the following: 

  • Pet fountain. This unique device features a continuous bubbling stream that encourages cats and small dogs to stay hydrated and prevents stagnant water in their bowls. The pet fountain helps to simplify pet care because it does not have any filters that need replacement — owners just add water to the product’s removable dome and plug it in.
  • Auto feeders. These programmable feeding devices are designed specifically for cats and small dogs. With an easy-to-use LCD screen, owners can schedule designated portions of dry food to be dispensed at regular intervals throughout the day. By controlling their pets’ food intake even when they are away from home, owners can help their pets stay in shape and ward off the many diseases associated with obesity.
  • Pet fences. Eyenimal offers a variety of containment fence systems to ensure that cats and dogs remain safely in a designated area. With multiple levels of stimulations on the collars worn by pets, owners can tailor corrections based on their pets’ individual needs.
  • Bark collars. Excessive barking is a common nuisance for many dog owners. With options available for dogs of all sizes and levels of sensitivity, Eyenimal’s lightweight, waterproof bark control collars enable owners to gently but effectively correct their pets’ problem barking. 

As Eyenimal and Ideal Pet Products continue to develop products that enhance the lives of both people and their pets, the partnership between the two companies will help pet lovers in numerous markets throughout North America access these groundbreaking products. To learn more about Eyenimal, please visit For more information on Ideal Pet Products, visit




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