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Eyenimal Num’Axes and Ideal Pet Products Release New Products

These new items will be distributed by the latter.




(PRESS RELEASE) Eyenimal Num’Axes, in collaboration with California-based Ideal Pet Products, announces the launch of two exciting new items: the Canicom Voice and the RGB Light Collar. The Canicom Voice is designed to enhance dog training while strengthening the bond between canines and their owners by using prerecorded messages of the owner’s voice, while the RGB Light Collar promotes safety by helping to ensure visibility for dogs after dark. These new items will be distributed by Ideal Pet Products, the exclusive supplier for Eyenimal Num’Axes — a developer of high-tech pet products — in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. The Canicom Voice and the RGB Light Collar will also be showcased at SuperZoo.

The Canicom Voice was designed based on the principle that when dogs consistently hear their owners’ voices giving commands, they pay closer attention, learn the commands more effectively and forge a deeper bond with their owners. Consisting of a remote control and a waterproof collar to be worn around the dog’s neck, the Canicom Voice allows owners to record up to four short messages, such as “come!” or “stay!” Using the remote control, the owner cues the messages to play through the collar — enabling dogs to clearly hear the commands as if their owners were right beside them, even though the device may be operated at a range of up to 219 yards. This ensures that owners may train and communicate with their dogs at a distance without having to raise their voices. Most importantly, the device fosters a unique harmony and a stronger relationship between owner and dog. The Canicom Voice is suitable for all types of dogs and comes with a two-year warranty.

Illuminated by eye-catching LED lighting, the RGB Light Collar promotes safety for dogs by helping them stay visible to cars and other hazards when they are outside after dark. This sleek and stylish waterproof collar can change color from red to green to blue at the push of a button. Owners may opt for a permanent or flashing light display, both of which are visible for up to 500 meters (nearly one-third of a mile). The RGB Light Collar is available in sizes small, medium and large, and may be easily recharged via the included USB cable when the product’s 30 hours of battery life dwindle.

Driven by a mission to “make man pet’s best friend,” Eyenimal Num’Axes designs and manufactures a wide variety of products that combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. Prior to beginning the product development process, the company conducts thorough research into the daily lives of dogs and cats in order to learn more about their needs and habits. Eyenimal Num’Axes products — which include electronic feeding devices and toys in addition to training tools — aim to improve pets’ health and happiness, enhance the pet-owner bond and simplify the pet care process for owners. Since 2011, Eyenimal has been a brand of Num’Axes, a French company that creates state-of-the-art electronic accessories for pets.

Since 1979, Ideal Pet Products has been on the cutting-edge of pet door design and manufacturing. The company shares Eyenimal Num’Axes’s commitment to developing groundbreaking products that improve quality of life for pets and their owners. Based in California, Ideal Pet Products strives to provide freedom, care and protection for pet cats and dogs — while giving owners peace of mind that their four-legged friends are always safe and comfortable. The company offers more than 200 durable, energy-conserving pet doors and pet product replacement parts that have been handcrafted to meet customers’ needs.

To learn more about Eyenimal Num’Axes, visit For more information on Ideal Pet Products, visit




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