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First Saturday Lime to Appear on ‘Shark Tank’

The show will air on April 10.




OKARCHE, OK — First Saturday Lime, whose product line is marketed as an eco-friendly formula of pest repellent for the care of dogs, horses, chickens and outdoor pets of all kinds, will appear on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

The show will air on April 10, with CEO and founder Jana McDaniel, together with family and co-founders Zac McDaniel and Jessica Jacob, showing the Sharks “how this revolutionary product can be used across home, garden, and pet care.”

According to the release:

Unlike traditional lime, it’s safe enough for use around kids and pets, yet strong enough to dry up insects and their eggs and larvae, while destroying odors and bacteria. This is nature’s formula—an easy solution that repels pests and protects the lives of loved ones, animals, gardens, and the environment. FSL is a legacy company that found its beginnings in a fourth-generation family farming operation. While trying to find a solution for insect control, its wide array of uses were soon realized. Manufactured in a patent-pending facility in Oklahoma, studies have proven FSL a natural deterrent to insects around home exteriors, on lawns, in gardens; a sanitizing solution for pet and livestock habitats (e.g. kennels, stables, coops, etc.); and a solution to clean and dispose of environmentally hazardous materials and spills. FSL is available in independent retail stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon and through the FSL website.




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