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Former Kennel Owner Releases Guide to Picking a Puppy

Before you adopt, rescue, or buy a dog, you need to read this book.





(PRESS RELEASE) In 2021 3.2 million dogs were adopted across the US. Sadly, at the same time, no less than 6.3 million dogs were rehomed, surrendered to shelters and rescues, or worse, they were abandoned.

In her inaugural publication, How to Pick a Puppy, Choosing and Caring for Your Forever Dog Laura Vinogradov addresses a core issue contributing to the obscenely high numbers contributing to this sad state of affairs and offers an alternative path for successfully integrating dogs into our lives.

According to Ms. Vinogradov, “All too often, people simply didn’t do their homework. It seems they fell in love with the fantasy of getting a dog and didn’t consider the reality of caring for and committing to a forever dog.”

Ex-journalist and internationally recognized cynophile and entrepreneur, Ms. Vinogradov was the original owner of The Barking Lot boarding kennel, located in Lutz, FL where she became a community resource for best practices in pet care and an advocate for raw diet feeding for dogs. How to Pick a Puppy is the result of decades working with pup-parents, and her volunteer work with dog rescues.

“While some re-homing situations are unavoidable, most surrenders and abandonments aren’t. They don’t happen because of bad luck, bad dogs, or even bad people. They occur because despite their best intentions, people selected the wrong breed or the wrong dog, for them,” explained Ms. Vinogradov.

How to Pick a Puppy provides novice, and not-so-novice pup-parents, an approachable resource to help them work through the process of evaluating which breeds work best for which lifestyles and which puppy (or adult dog) would mesh best with their life and their family.


“My hope is that rescues and shelters, and even breeders would make reading How to Pick a Puppy a recommended, if not mandatory, part of their adoption process.”

Future pet parents need not wait for this to become required reading. How to Pick a Puppy, choosing and caring for your forever dog, is already available through major online book sellers and is making its way into libraries across the country.

HoboTCK Media is expecting Ms. Vinogradov’s next non-fiction work, Build a Better Boarding Kennel, your guide to successful pet care businesses, to be released in Spring, 2023.

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