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Frankly Pet Introduces Beefy Chew Sticks

Healthy and delicious collagen and protein sticks now available for dogs.




Beefy Sticks

(PRESS RELEASE) MILWAUKEE, WI – Frankly Pet, the makers of all natural beef collagen chews for dogs, debuts Collagen & Protein Beefy Chew Sticks. This new addition joins the brand’s line of rawhide-free and USA-made treats.

Collagen & Protein Beefy Chew Sticks are a delicious and healthy treat for any size dog. Packed with 98% high-quality collagen from 100% traceable USA cattle, they’re highly-digestible and are the perfect alternative to traditional rawhide. The collagen in these sticks helps promote healthy skin, coat, joints, nails, and teeth.

“Our goal at Frankly Pet is to create fun and unique treats and chews that offer puppies and dogs the mental and physical stimulation they need,” said Alan Snyder, chief operating officer at Frankly Pet. “We know dogs will love this tasty option, which can be fed as a well-earned treat or as an on-the-go snack.”

The Beefy Chew Sticks are available in 7” and 10” stick varieties and come in four delicious flavors for pet parents to choose from, including Bacon, Chicken, Original, and Steak. Retailers have the option to offer individual sticks to their customers, thanks to the brand’s display cases. With six in each case pack, the display case for the 7” sticks contain 24 sticks and the display case for the 10” sticks contain 12 sticks. The sticks are also available as a 5-pack (7”) or 3-pack (10”).

Frankly Pet holds their products to the highest standards, which is why the brand doesn’t use any chemicals in their products or in their process to manufacture and dry out their products. Additionally, their products do not contain any wheat, sugar, preservatives, or GMOs.

For more information on Frankly Pet and their complete line of collagen chews and snacks for dogs, please visit


About Frankly Pet

Frankly Pet was created as America’s alternative to traditional rawhide. The company believes in providing the highest quality products that are made in the USA with full traceability. That means pet parents can have peace of mind that they are giving their pets the very best products on the market. Frankly dog chews are packed with protein and collagen, which not only improves a dog’s coat, but also helps their joints. To learn more, please visit



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