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Friskies and BuzzFeed Reboot ‘Dear Kitten’ Hit Video Series After Nearly a Decade

New video spot, “Dear Kitten: Modern Technology” finds Grey Cat and Orange Kitten all grown up and dealing with the digital age.




Friskies® and BuzzFeed Reboot 'Dear Kitten' Hit Video Series after Nearly a Decade Friskies® and BuzzFeed Reboot ‘Dear Kitten’ Hit Video Series after Nearly a Decade

(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS — Dear reader, are you ready for adorable internet feline nostalgia? Friskies, the popular cat food and treat brand, has launched the revival of the playful ‘Dear Kitten’ series, which took the internet by storm when it was first released nearly 10 years ago. In partnership with BuzzFeed, the new installment, titled ‘Dear Kitten: Modern Technology,’ takes a humorous look at how technology has evolved over the years through the eyes of the original wise and experienced narrator, Grey Cat, while highlighting the special bond between humans and their feline companions.

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In ‘Modern Technology,’ Grey Cat, voiced again by Ze Frank, shares valuable insights with Orange Kitten, now referred to as Orange Cat, as they navigate the rapidly changing landscape of modern devices. The video takes viewers on a comical journey, showcasing the entertaining and often perplexing situations cats experience when faced with today’s advanced technology – including another daring encounter with Vacuum.

“It’s been nearly a decade since you’ve heard from me, which I’m sure has been tough for you,” said Grey Cat. “Although I am now older, I am also even wiser – like a furry sensei. I’ve witnessed advancements in technology that have both fascinated and bewildered me, so, it is once again my duty to get Orange Cat (and you, my feline friends) up to speed on the facts about this great big, weird world. Buckle up.”

The original ‘Dear Kitten’ series, which captivated audiences with its witty storytelling, amassed hundreds of millions of views and resonated with pet lovers worldwide. The collaboration between Friskies and BuzzFeed provided an opportunity to once again create engaging and entertaining content that celebrates the unique bond between humans and their pets.

“Friskies is all about providing your cat with variety to feed their playfulness and curiosity, and with ‘Dear Kitten’, we brought that same playful spirit to life for cat lovers,” said Kelly Roberts, Purina Brand Manager. “As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the original series, it felt like the perfect time to check-in to see what life is like today for our favorite feline duo and welcome a new generation of cat lovers into the ‘Dear Kitten’ family.”


The ‘Modern Technology’ video was officially released on July 27, 2023, on BuzzFeed. The next video installment, titled ‘Day in the Life of an Influencer’ will be released later this Summer. To stay updated on the series visit BuzzFeed’s official channels or follow Friskies on social media.

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