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Full Moon Releases Its First Line of Human-Grade Dog Food

Freshly crafted frozen meals are now available online and at H-E-B grocery stores.





(PRESS RELEASE) SANTA MONICA, CA – Full Moon Pet, the brand known for its human-grade jerky dog treats, announced the launch of its first-ever line of dog food: Freshly Crafted. Created for pet owners seeking high-quality ingredients free from additives or preservatives, Freshly Crafted comes frozen and is made using 100 percent human-grade ingredients like real chicken breast, rosemary, and blueberries – meaning it looks, smells, and tastes just like the food you would cook in your own kitchen and provides your dog with the nutritional benefits to thrive.

Freshly Crafted recipes include Homestead Turkey, Ranch-Raised Beef, and Free-Range Chicken – all of which contain no grains or fillers and help deliver wholesome food that feels homecooked. Full Moon works with family farmers to source meat from animals raised to the highest ethical standards without antibiotics. In fact, 100 percent of Full Moon’s meat comes from ranch-raised beef, cage-free turkey, and free-range chicken.

Freshly Crafted is made in the USA, slow cooked in small batches to preserve nutrient density, and flash frozen to preserve freshness and quality. The unique frozen format requires no prep, utensils, or clean up with the option to easily scoop or pour directly from the bag to serve.

“Freshly Crafted will redefine what consumers expect from dog food. Our human-grade food is made with high-quality ingredients like free-range white meat chicken, in USDA certified kitchens,” said Ryan Perdue, founder of Full Moon Pet. “Pet parents will be able to immediately see the difference in quality compared to other fresh and frozen dog foods and can feel good about feeding their dogs a nutritionally complete meal that is about as close as you can get to making it yourself – just without the hassle.”

Suitable as a topper to boost both nutrient profile and taste or as a full meal, Full Moon Freshly Crafted offers complete benefits for a dog to maximize their potential. Freshly Crafted:

  • Promotes skin and coat health through omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil in specially curated liver bites.
  • Supports immune health with antioxidants in vibrant ingredients like blueberries and sweet potato.
  • Encourages muscle growth and development powered by essential complete amino acids uniquely derived from real meat, and not found in pea protein.

“A dog’s diet is directly linked to their health. Improving the quality of ingredients and nutritional value of their diet can be a key approach to overall health,” said Dr. Dana Wilhite, consulting veterinarian to Full Moon Pet. “Real meats are rich in essential amino acids and provide protein that is important for healthy, lean muscles. Additionally, liver is a nutrient-rich ingredient included in these recipes to provide key vitamins and nutrients that dogs need for health and longevity.”


Full Moon Freshly Crafted is available in two sizes to accommodate dogs of any weight, a 4-pound bag with a suggested retail price starting from $24.99 and a 1.5-pound bag with a suggested retail price starting from $11.99. Freshly Crafted can now be found in the frozen section of the pet aisle at select H-E-B locations throughout Texas. Dog parents can also purchase online at

Full Moon also offers a variety of human-grade dog treats made with simple ingredients without any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Popular products include Full Moon Chicken Jerky, Full Moon Organic Chicken Training Treats, Full Moon Organic Beef Jerky and more.

To learn more about Full Moon Pet, follow @FullMoonPet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit Dog parents can also visit this website to take a short quiz in order to determine how much to serve their pup.

About Full Moon Pet

Established in 2011 by founder and devoted dog dad Ryan Perdue, we believe that our dogs deserve food that is just as good as the food we make for ourselves. This commitment drives our choices every step of the way, from how we raise our animals, to the ingredients we choose, to the kitchens we cook in. Full Moon treats are proudly made in the United States using regionally-sourced, 100 percent human-grade ingredients: from the USDA-approved, farm-raised meats to the other natural ingredients you’d feed yourself. More importantly, we never use artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, and our products are all free from corn, wheat, soy, glycerin, and other fillers. Learn more at

About Perdue Farms

We’re a fourth-generation, family owned, U.S. food and agriculture company. Through our belief in responsible food and agriculture, we are empowering consumers, customers, and farmers through trusted choices in products and services.

The premium protein portfolio within our Perdue Foods business, including our flagship PERDUE brand, Niman Ranch, Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Meats, Coleman Natural, and Yummy, as well as our pet brands, Spot Farms and Full Moon, is available through various channels including retail, foodservice, club stores, and our direct-to-consumer website,


Perdue AgriBusiness is an international agricultural products and services company.

Now in our company’s second century, our path forward is about getting better, not just bigger. We never use drugs for growth promotion in raising poultry and livestock, and we are actively advancing our animal welfare programs. Our brands are leaders in no-antibiotics-ever chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb, and in USDA-certified organic chicken and beef. Learn more at



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