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Furry Land Looks to Expand Across the U.S. Through Franchising Opportunities

Furry Land currently has over 30 markets and nearly 100 vans in operation.




(PRESS RELEASE) LIVONIA, MI – Furry Land – the mobile pet grooming franchise – offers licensed groomers and pet caretakers the opportunity to franchise as it expands nationwide. Furry Land currently has over 30 markets and nearly 100 vans in operation, making routine grooming more convenient for owners as it brings the services to their doorstep. As the #1 mobile pet groomer in America, Furry Land allows owners to customize their pets pampering at an affordable cost, using professional grade tools and hypoallergenic products.

“Over the last six years, we have seen pet owners prefer in-home pet care and as we expand, we’re excited to partner with business owners who are passionate about keeping fur babies healthy and clean,” said CEO of Furry Land, Nick Field. “Owning a Furry Land will allow local franchisees to be an independent groomer and provide their expertise anywhere.”

Furry Land grooms cats and dogs in-home, focusing on nail clipping, fur maintenance, and shedding treatments. Grooming can be a stressful experience for many pets, which is why Furry Land performs pampering in a cage free, temperature-controlled environment; the high velocity dryers in vans are pumped and sealed to reduce the amount of noise anxiety. When pets receive a salon experience at Furry Land, owners can expect scheduling routine grooming to be made easy. Owners simply make an appointment directly online with the option to receive text or email reminders.

As a mobile pet salon, Furry Land remains conscious of their fossil fuel footprint. Many vans have been retrofitted with solar panels on the roof so that water and lights can be on without the van running. Furry Land remains inclusive in tailoring services to a certain breed, coat, and size, and uses hypoallergenic products to avoid skin irritation and allergies.

Furry Land is now actively seeking multi-unit franchisees with a strong passion for animals and interest in providing an essential service to their home community. The estimated investment required to open a Furry Land franchise is $97,500 – $241,400. To learn more about Furry Land, or if interested in a franchise opportunity, please visit here.

About Furry Land

Founded in 2017, Furry Land is the #1 mobile pet groomer in America providing professional service and loving care for cats and dogs directly at the doorstep of customers across 16 U.S. states. Local pet owners can rely on Furry Land to maintain the coat and skin of their pet, and optimize the pet’s overall wellness. For more information or if interested in Furry Land franchising opportunities, please visit here



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