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Genius Litter to Appear on Shark Tank

Utilizing silica crystals, Genius Litter detects early urinary tract or bladder problems by changing colors.





(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX — Brace yourselves for a pet care revolution! Genius Litter, the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Ramon Van Meer, is set to make waves on the upcoming season of Shark Tank. Save the date for February 5th at 8pm ET/7pm CT as Genius Litter steps into the spotlight on ABC, inviting viewers to witness whether any of the Sharks will embark on this groundbreaking pet care adventure. PLUS – revealing surprise new launches that promise to redefine how it cares for its beloved furry companions.

Ramon Van Meer, a seasoned entrepreneur and the CEO of Genius Litter takes center stage on ABC’s Shark Tank. Brace yourself for an intense showdown as he goes head-to-head with formidable Sharks: Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion, where the question lingers: Will Genius Litter secure a deal?

What sets Genius Litter apart

  • Revolutionary Kitty Litter: Genius Litter introduces a groundbreaking approach to cat care with health indicators, advanced odor control, and an eco-friendly composition, redefining the pet care experience.
  • Collaborations and Expertise: Dedication to excellence is evident through strategic collaborations with veterinarians and partnerships with skilled chemical engineers for rigorous testing.
  • Strategic Retail Partnerships for Universal Accessibility: Genius Litter is proud to launch in PetSmart and Target, ensuring universal accessibility to innovative solutions for our cherished fur babies.

Dive deeper into the innovation set to hit the Shark Tank stage by visiting before its highly anticipated debut.

About Genius Litter

Genius Litter’s revolutionary health-indicating litter transforms pet care, providing invaluable insights into our feline friends’ well-being through color and texture changes. With advanced odor control and an eco-friendly composition, our approach sets new standards in the industry. Ramon Van Meer, our visionary founder, is on a mission to reshape pet care. Fueled by dedication, our groundbreaking product goes beyond conventional solutions. As Genius Litter achieves remarkable financial growth, soaring from $500,000 to an impressive $4.6 million in just three years, it not only challenges norms but also captures market appeal, signaling a new era in innovative and caring pet solutions.




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