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Grizzly Pet Products Fact Sheet

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How did Grizzly get into the pet industry?
Grizzly was born 20+ years ago when our founder discovered that parts of wild-caught salmon were being discarded after being processed for human consumption. We utilize these highly viable parts, packed with nutrient-rich oils, that would otherwise be wasted. Since then, we have produced high-quality omega supplements rooted in science and responsibility.

What sets your products apart?
Grizzly’s line of oils has a supplement to fit every pet’s needs. From fish oils packed with omegas to support skin & coat and overall vitality to a Hip & Joint supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin to support mobility, Grizzly is the perfect addition to any pet’s bowl.

What’s New?
The Feast Mat™ is a dual-sided lick mat and slow feeder. Thoughtfully designed with durability, versatility, and enrichment in mind, one side encourages paced eating and a dog’s foraging instinct. The second side is designed as a lick mat, great for spreading softer foods like West Paw’s Creamy Dog Treats.

What makes your team special?
We care about pets and the environment. We source and process our 100% wild-caught fish in efficient, respectful, and sustainable ways. This includes using co-products from human-grade fish which reduces waste and protects marine life. We are proud to maintain the highest standards of quality from boat to bottle.

Why did your company join NASC?
Grizzly Pet Products is committed to quality and takes pride in continuously helping to support beloved companion animal’s quality of life with high-quality omega supplements. Grizzly is proud to be an audited member of NASC as part of that commitment to quality.

1. Wild Alaskan Salmon Plus MSRP $28.99 (16 oz)

2. Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil MSRP $26.99 (16 oz)

3. Hip & Joint Supplement MSRP $26.99 (16 oz)

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