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Healers PetCare Launches New Products

This woman-owned business is growing with the nationwide demand for better pet health care.





(PRESS RELEASE) VANCOUVER, WA – The increase of dogs wearing functional shoes on the sidewalks of urban cities around the U.S. isn’t an illusion. Dog ownership and care is up in past years, especially since people started staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that people are spending more money on pets than before. In one 2021 survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners, 52 percent of respondents said they spend more money on their pets each year than themselves. This phenomenon has presented an ample opportunity for a small founder-run business that makes exceptionally designed pet healthcare products to thrive. Already available at some of the nation’s top retailers, Healers Pet Care products are top-tier medical and protective booties for America’s most loyal pals.

14 years ago the pads of Terri Entler’s German Shepard, Jake, burned off on a summer hike through an Oregon forest. In the weeks that followed, Jake was barely able to walk outside to use the bathroom. Terri was spending almost an hour a day wrapping, unwrapping and soaking each one of his damaged paws to help him heal. She turned to her veterinarians for a better solution, but at the time none existed. So, Terri took matters into her own hands. Using her engineering mindset, she constructed a rudimentary, breathable gauze shoe to help her best buddy heal. Jake’s veterinarians were impressed by her invention and she knew then that that she was onto something. Today, Healers PetCare Medical Dog Booties (and more) are available in Amazon, Chewy, Petco and are launching in a national pharmacy with 8000 stores and Walmart in 2023.

Healers PetCare is continuing to grow with the market. Due in part to the increase of pet ownership in recent years, spending on pet health care alone has increased at an average annual rate of 7.4 percent since 2019, with veterinary services lagging in their ability to service this demand. This presents an opportunity for innovative pet health care.

Terri Entler, a mother of 4, didn’t get her degree until her youngest child started school. Since then, she has earned an electrical engineering degree, an MBA, achieved a successful career in quality and reliability engineering and founded Healers PetCare, which is on track for exciting growth. Healers PetCare has come a long way since Terri started the company in her basement 11 years ago. At the time, her engineering background gave her the unique skill set to find manufacturing for her innovation and to successfully bring them to market. Today she is responsible for company management, full product and account management and driving all sales and revenue growth of the growing brand.

Under Terri’s leadership, Healers PetCare products have achieved measurable success with their two leading products:

  • Healers Medical Dog Booties – Proprietary custom non-stick a triple layer gauze pads for dogs that help treat paw allergies and injuries. These soft and comfortable booties act as a bandage for dog paws, absorbing moisture and allowing the application of medicine if needed.
  • Urban Walkers – An exceptionally designed protective bootie that were created to protect pets from common paw injuries. Urban Walkers are made of lightweight, high-quality, breathable knit fabric. These popular booties feature a molded rubber sole that provides traction and is durable for all terrains. Vets have called the Urban Walker booties “the best boot we’ve ever seen.”

Healers Pet Care also sells high-quality, thoughtfully sourced wound care and supplements to support pet health.


Already popular in the most extreme climates in the United States — such as areas in California, Arizona and Utah in the summer, and cities like New York City and Chicago in the winter, demand for protective footwear for dogs is expected to expand in the years to come due to climate change. Researchers are saying that extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent and intense.

“It has been a journey transforming a simple solution to a family concern into a national brand,” says Healers PetCare founder Terri Entler. “We are so grateful to be able to serve the growing pet market, it is our passion to give people’s furry best friends the healing and protective care that they need.”

About Healers PetCare, Inc.

Healers PetCare, Inc is a medical aid company that manufactures products that serve the pet wellness market. Healers began after founder, Terri Entler’ s beloved German Shepard, Jake’s paws were severely injured during a hike on a hot day. With no easy solution on the market Terri, an engineer, created Healers Medical Dog Booties with gauze inserts. Today, Healers PetCare sells medical and protective dog boots and supplements at retailers such as Amazon, Chewy, Petco and are launching in a National Pharmacy with 8000 stores and Walmart in 2023. For more information, visit

For more information, visit



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