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How a Decorated Truck Bed Can Help Customers Create Holiday Memories With Their Pets

Plus more December and January promotional ideas in our Calendar section.





1 Square footage at a premium? But you still want to offer customers a fun HOLIDAY photo opportunity? Do like Pepper & the Pug in Old Town Spring, TX, and park a vintage truck out front, complete with a decorated bed on which they can pose their pups.

4 On NATIONAL COOKIE DAY, host a Holiday Cookie Happy Hour for people and their pets, complete with refreshments. Offer the first holiday cookie free, wrapped in a bag with an attached shopping list that shows stocking stuffers on sale during the event.

7 Kick off eight days of HANUKKAH gifting with suggestions on your socials and in an eblast. They need not all be Hanukkah themed, but there are certainly enough options between toys, treats and accessories to be inclusive of your Jewish customers.

15 Use NATIONAL SALESPERSON DAY as an opportunity to celebrate those hardworking team members who make sure customers and clients get the best products and services for their pets. Stock the break room with goodies, introduce them and their areas of expertise on your socials, and run a sales contest leading up to this day, with bonuses given out at closing.

31 You’ve been promoting calming products all month, now give them one last push for NEW YEAR’S EVE. Pair lick mats, puzzle toys and long-lasting chews with calming supplements you know will still help even though pet parents didn’t start preparing for this day on Dec. 1, like you suggested multiple times.



1 Here come the Christmas puppies! Take a deep breath and know that you’ll need to add more training classes during January, which also happens to be NATIONAL TRAIN YOUR DOG MONTH. Don’t offer training? Partner with a respected independent trainer to create a bundle of products they curate and require for sessions.

9 Use NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION DAY as an opportunity to promote any discounts or freebies — self-washes for K9s! — you offer, but add an extra-special treat: Up the percentage off for the day and/or offer free coffee and pup-safe donuts to officers who stop by.

8 For SHOW AND TELL DAY, create a display that compares a high-quality kibble you sell to a lesser-quality one you don’t. Place two clear bins side by side and fill with a daily serving for a 30-pound dog. The clear difference in amount will help illustrate your point that while a higher-quality kibble may cost more, the pet eats less of it — and that often drives the price per meal much lower. Also have ready all of the points that contribute to the food being more beneficial healthwise.

18 On GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY, do as the day says — with a promotional spin. Sit, Stay, ‘N Play in Stroudsburg, PA, asked customers to share on its socials a favorite story of their pup at the training facility. The thread garnered touching and often funny stories that let the business — and all followers — know how it has helped clients become better pet parents.

22 Spark conversation on your socials with a NATIONAL ANSWER YOUR CAT’S QUESTIONS DAY query. In a previous year’s post, at right, Lola & Penelope’s in Clayton, MO, shared what store cat Pedro wanted to know and asked customers to share what questions their cats ask. The responses — from “Why do humans insist on folding warm laundry?” to “Why can’t I have more treats?” — each came with an adorable photo of the curious cat.

31 On NATIONAL HOT COCOA DAY, invite both people and their pups in for a cup. Lizzi & Rocco’s in Columbia, MO, does exactly that, serving up traditional cocoa for humans and a pet-safe version made with carob powder and goat milk. Toppings include “marshmallows,” aka freeze-dried mix-ins, plus liver sprinkles, and cookie spoons dipped in carob. Be sure to strategically place your cocoa station near a display of sweets-inspired dog toys.

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