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How Dog Moms, PJs and Star Wars Can Boost Sales at Your Pet Store

Plus more promotional ideas for your business in April and May.





1 Put an educational spin on APRIL FOOLS’ DAY by following this example from Mutts & Co. stores in Ohio. During April Fools’ week last year, social media posts highlighted “the facts versus the fools (or myths)” that customers may hear and believe. Among those debunked were that cats who go outside the litterbox hate their humans and that prescription pet foods contain medicine. See the full campaign at

1 During PET FIRST AID AWARENESS MONTH, help your customers prepare for minor mishaps with their pets. Create a display featuring a well-stocked first aid kit, plus supportive products such as your favorite wound-care ointment, sterile eye wash and even a soft muzzle for pets who may bite. You could also include a skunk odor remover, as we all know that qualifies as the stinkiest of mishaps. If you have the space to do so, consider hosting a Pet First Aid class at your business.

16 Celebrate WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS TO WORK DAY with your team! Not only will doing so show your fun side to customers, but it will promote those adorable PJs for pets you picked up at Global Pet Expo — even more so if you have store dogs and cats to model them for the day.

18 Shine a spotlight on your customers this NATIONAL HIGH-FIVE DAY. Give virtual high-fives on your socials every time a customer purchases a product that will improve the health of their pet. A topper or broth? High-five! Healing spa treatment? High-five! Even a sweet treat qualifies as it sure will improve a pet and person’s mental health in the moment.

22 Is there an EARTH DAY event you can pop up at this year? Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market in Columbia, MO, attended the CoMo Earth Day Festival last year and filled its booth with sustainably minded brands such as West Paw, Jiminy’s and Wondercide, among others.


1 Use the start of SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH to kick off promotions of warm weather safety products and services. Sunscreen for pets — both topical and in the form of UV-blocking clothes — can go into a display with life jackets, cooling bandanas and travel harnesses, as well as natural flea and tick preventatives and treatments. For businesses that offer grooming, launch an educational campaign on appropriate cuts for summer, ones that help keep pets cool while not overexposing skin to the sun.

4 To celebrate STAR WARS DAY last year, Reeses Barkery & Pawtique in McHenry, IL, invited Chewbacca to host an hour-long chew giveaway at the store. Twenty dogs came in to claim their treat and have a photo taken with the beloved character, portrayed by a staff member in costume. What a great way to drive up foot traffic and celebrate the movies!

11 & 12 DOG MOM DAY and MOTHER’S DAY offer endless opportunities to promote your business and show love to customers. A couple of ideas: Roxie’s Barkery in North Adams, MA, hosted a “Pawnt & Sip” event last year. For $25, customers could choose a “#1 Dog Mom” or “I Love My Mom” stencil or pick one with their pet’s name, with the dog then creating a “lick painting” to take home. Each pup also got a dog-safe beverage to sip. And Nature’s Feed in Spring Grove, IL, partnered with a local florist to give a free flower to every dog mom who made a purchase during Mother’s Day weekend — while supplies lasted, of course.

14 Let’s be real: Chihuahuas get a lot of flack. For being tiny terrors. Yappy dogs. And escape artists, thanks to their small size. But according to Rover, they are also the sixth most popular dog in the U.S. On INTERNATIONAL CHIHUAHUA APPRECIATION DAY, celebrate these pups with a photo contest on your socials, with the dog who brings in the most new followers getting a prize pack put together specifically for a Chihuahua (tiny harness, tiny treats). You’ll grow your followers and show that your store knows the breed.

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  • 1 Heartworm Awareness Month
  • 4 World Rat Day
  • 1-7 International Pooper Scooper Week
  • 17-23 National Pet ID Week
  • 26 Hairball Awareness Day
  • 30 National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day


  • 1 National Dog Foster Care Month
  • 2 International Harry Potter Day
  • 3 National Specially Abled Pets Day
  • 8 National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  • 11-14 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  • 23 World Turtle Day
  • 27 Memorial Day



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