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Huxley & Kent Launches Innovative New Cat Wand Collection

Learn more at Global Pet Expo 2024 at Huxley & Kent Booth #4627!





(PRESS RELEASE) KNOXVILLE, TN — Cat lovers can rejoice as Huxley & Kent, an industry leading designer of durable and fun pet toys and accessories, announces the launch of its new 2024 Cat Wand Collection at the highly anticipated Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. Designed to take feline fun to new heights, these interactive toys promise a captivating play experience that nourishes the bond between cats and their humans — all in good fun.

Dance & Lure, Teaser, and Wire Wands are at the heart of the Spring 2024 collection, each offering a unique blend of playfulness and engagement. All wands feature a sleek, ergonomic, soft-touch handle made from 27% recycled materials that can be conveniently stored.

The Dance & Lure Wands feature a combination of iridescent mylar and sound-making materials that are set to captivate cats of all temperaments. The lightweight fabric strip provides endless amusement in the air or across various surfaces. Available in two styles: Pastel and Rainbow.

Adding on to its successful range of parody toys, this launch also includes two new Teaser Wands: Teaser Treatos Snack Wand and Teaser Sour Scratch Wand. These wands feature a non-tangle wire with swivel hardware that allows the toys to bounce around when you twist and move the wand.

Lastly, the new Wire Wands will also come in two styles: Wire Birdy & Mouse Wand and Dragonfly & Mouse Wand. These wands aim to trigger your cat’s hunting instincts, with jingle bells, crinkle, and iridescent mylar.

Both Teaser and Wire wands come with one toy attached and one interchangeable refill for endless fun. All wands retail for $7.99-14.99.


This collection is not just the introduction of new toys; it’s an invitation to transform the way cats and their owners connect through play. The coming Spring will see a selection of five dynamic refill sets for the Teaser and Wire Wands, offering variety and options that will keep playtime fresh and exciting. These sets include four 2 packs: Dragonfly Streamers, Buzz Bee Streamers, Purple Birdy Feather Teasers, and Blue Birdy Feather Teasers. It also includes one 3 pack of Snacky Teasers. Refills retail from $6.99-10.99.

“Huxley & Kent is committed to crafting products that enhance the well-being and interaction between pets and their owners,” President Mike Dagne commented. “Our new collection showcases the latest in feline entertainment – each toy is designed to promote exercise, relieve boredom, and most importantly, foster a deeper connection with our feline friends.”

The much-anticipated Global Pet Show, the perfect stage for the debut of these purr-suasion wands, will run from March 20-22, 2024, attracting pet enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. The event will serve as a fantastic opportunity for retailers to witness first-hand the benefits these toys will bring to cats and cat owners.

Robin Kershner, Huxley & Kent Founder & CEO, also shared her excitement about the collection. “Our research and design team strived to create an exceptional line that not only reflects our love for cats but also provides an opportunity for every cat to experience the joy of play uniquely. This collection is a culmination of quality and fun, and we can’t wait for the world to see it!”

Each wand and refill pack has been strategically designed to bring multiple layers of excitement to cats at various age and activity levels. The easy interchangeability of the components emphasizes convenience for the owners and ensures that the toys continue to stimulate the curious minds of cats everywhere.

Expect delivery of this new collection in late March. Visit booth #4627 at Global Pet Expo to see this cat-tastic product launch in action.


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