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Intersand Fact Sheet

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Kidney and/or urinary tract diseases are the leading cause of death in cats. Seven out of ten diabetic cats can be completely cured if detected early and properly monitored. The earlier a disease is detected, the easier it is to cure. Two out of Three cats are at risk of developing urinary tract diseases and/or diabetes. The at-risk cat population is assessed according to one of the following criteria: male cats, overweight, eating dry food (low quality), indoor lifestyle, and over 6 years of age. Intersand’s OdorLock maxCare is the perfect solution to offer peace of mind to cat owners who closely monitor their cat’s health. This ultra-premium clay litter includes white granules that can turn blue when they detect blood or glucose in cat’s urine, giving an early warning of feline health issues. It also provides an innovative technology that blocks ammonia for 40 days of no odor.

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? OdorLock maxCare is the only ultra-premium clay clumping litter to detect glucose in cat’s urine. Also, compared to its competitors, it only needs one drop of blood in cat’s urine for the granules to detect it. No other health issues monitoring cat litter performs like this one!

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: For over 30 years, Intersand has been committed to bringing the very best, highly innovative and diversifi ed premium cat litter solutions worldwide. We want cats to live long healthy lives!

RETAILER REVIEW: “We have distributed Intersand litter since 1998. Together with Intersand, we developed a unique strategy to grow our share in that market. Intersand produce a high-quality litter that retains our retail partners’ consumers. This litter quality is not available in mass market stores. With the quality of Intersand products, retailers and customers quickly understood, and volume has increased signifi cantly over the years. Once a consumer tries it, they stay with it. One key point that made for a success in our market is the honest and trustful relationship we have established over the years with Intersand. They listened to us and the market needs. We feel privileged to work with such a good partner that has become the cat litter leader in our area.” — Pierre Gadbois, President, Gastronome Animal, Distributor, Quebec, Canada.

5 in 1 Ultra-Premium Clay Litter with Health Indicator

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