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Jones Natural Chews Releases First Food Topper

This marks their first entrance into the meal topper category.





(PRESS RELEASE) ROCKFORD, IL — Jones Naturals, LLC announces a new product available under its flagship line Jones Natural Chews. Specializing in natural, American-made dog treats, chews and bones- the new product, rounds out a robust offering of snacks for all-sized dogs. The newest product is: Smokey Crumbles, a premium food topper.

Smokey Crumbles are a versatile meaty option, working well for rewarding, but shining as a special addition at meal time. The beefy and smokey flavor of the crumbles are a compliment to any kibble, adding much-needed protein to their bowl. The smokey crumbles contain the natural grease and fats that are present in beef bones, making these a great aid to skin and coat health while adding moisture when used as a topper to dry kibble.

These meaty bits are cut exclusively from Jones’ beef bones. These are lightly coated in natural liquid smoke and slowly roasted to perfection, the crumbles are saved and packaged in a convenient, resealable bag. This product features the signature meaty flavor of Jones beef bones but is the perfect addition to the top of your dog’s meal.

‘Smokey Crumbles are a fun opportunity for pet parents who pride themselves in ‘building bowls’ that are healthy and engaging for their dogs,’ notes President Laura Jones, ‘It is a simple way to add variety to your pets’ meal.’

Offering a variety of chews to meet every dog’s dietary needs and taste preferences is important to the JNC team. ‘Dog parents love treating, and we want to make that experience as rewarding as possible. Bond-building is an important part of the ownership experience, so it is a fun adventure for them to find snacks that their pet loves, but that also make the overall experience fun and easy,’ states Jones, ‘The confidence associated with providing USA-sourced, natural products, ensures that dog parents only need to worry about their dog’s favorite flavors when selecting items from Jones Natural Chews for their pet.’

Also New From Jones: Weasand Jerky


Weasand Jerky is a 100% digestible beef chew that offers an enjoyable snacking experience. This chew makes a wonderful addition to any dog’s diet, adding extra protein while also containing glucosamine and chondroitin – active ingredients in joint supplements. This chew is cut from USA-Raised beef esophagus that is slow-roasted to perfection. The hand-cut strips are flat with a jerky-type texture, available at four different lengths, to provide an optimal chewing session for any size dog.
‘Beef Weasand is a wonderful complement to our body part chews selection and a natural fit for JNC,’ states Laura Jones, President of Jones Naturals LLC, ‘Chews are often a great chance for pet parents to add welcome functional ingredients to their dogs’ diets and the weasand checks several boxes, containing glucosamine, chondroitin, and protein all while being low-in fat.’

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About Jones Naturals, LLC

Since the 1850s, the family-owned Jones Naturals has emerged from six generations of butchers and a hometown meat market as the leader in natural, 100% American-made dog treats and chews. That heritage continues today from America’s heartland, as Jones remains committed to the needs of their customers, by continuously improving fill rates and expanding the product line to accommodate all dogs’ taste preferences.



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