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Make a Statement About Your Brand with Your Shopping Bags




How do you practice environmental sustainability in your pet business? By sourcing chews and treats locally? Carrying recyclable toys? Installing water-saving systems and solar panels?

Whatever you do, the planet appreciates it — as do your like-minded customers!

Up your store’s eco-friendliness as well as its brand visibility by providing reusable and/or paper shopping bags with your logo. These stores are doing exactly that.

The Pet Beastro


Shoppers can buy the recyclable polymer-plastic tote for $4.97 and get a 50-cent credit with purchase. Members of a loyalty program earn a free bag when they spend $1,000 or more in a year. And customers can play the “Where in the World Is the Beastro Bag?” contest. They enter by posting a photo of their traveling tote to Facebook or Instagram. Grand prize: a $500 store gift card. “The end result is that we are saving precious resources and doing our part to clean up the planet,” owner Jill Tack says.

Price: $1.80 per bag | Source:

TIP: Allow shoppers to donate their bag credit to a charity your store supports.


Hawaii Doggie Bakery


Owner Niki Libarios began offering recycled and recyclable paper bags — featuring the store logo against a bright yellow background — long before Honolulu passed laws regarding shopping bags. Stores are prohibited from providing plastic or non-recyclable paper bags, and must charge at least 15 cents for any recyclable or reusable bag. Her bags cost much more than that. “We just consider it part of the cost of doing business,” she says, adding. “It’s a great marketing tool for us, especially when we do events.”

Price: 62 cents a bag | Source: local print shop



Janet Cesarini stocks recycled and recyclable paper bags in three sizes, each adorned with a colorful logo sticker and lined with paw print or red tissue. “It’s another way we can give back, by not adding to the world’s trash heap. We get PAWsitive feedback from our customers.”

Price: 23-27 cents per bag | Source:

TIP: If using stickers to brand bags, keep a stack at the register to sell separately. “I offset some of their cost by selling the die-cut design for $1 each.”

Busch Pet Products


Stacy Busch provides recyclable paper bags for multiple reasons. “I try to be conscious of the environment. I’m not a fan of plastic bags at all, and very recently, our city stopped taking them in recycling.” Customers love the quality and design of the store’s shopping bags with logo sticker — inspired by the Beagles her family once bred. Paw print and red plaid tissue dress up bags for gifts. “Many customers tell me that they repurpose the bags, for taking their lunch or other things. Customers bring them back, too! They say they are too nice to recycle or throw away.”

Price: 18-25 cents per bag | Source:

TIP: Place larger orders to save money. “If you spend $300 or more with Nashville Wraps, you get free shipping. That helps a lot!”


Lucky Dogs


This store’s shopping bags reflect its community’s attitude toward the environment. “Many residents in our area and many of our shoppers are eco-conscious,” owner Amy Schiek says. “I wanted to use quality paper bags with a boutique look that would be recyclable. It was a bonus when I found a style made from recycled materials.” She also sells a reusable canvas tote, complete with a definition of dog any pet parent will appreciate, for $16.

Price: 31-39 cents per paper bag, plus printing; $10.50 per canvas bag | Sources:; local print shop

Lewis and Bark’s Outpost


“We wanted our shopping bags to reflect the rich history of our area and the simple way of life here, while also being environmentally friendly,” owner Danielle Chandler says. Recycled and recyclable paper bags feature the store logo — starring her dogs Gus and Junior exploring a la Lewis and Clark — and have buffalo plaid tissue tucked inside. She recently introduced a reusable canvas tote as well, available for $12. “They sell very well, and we will be diversifying into different colors and styles for our next order.”

Price: 18 cents per paper bag; $6 per canvas bag | Sources:;



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