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Messy Mutts Adds Four New Products To Its Ever-Growing EVERFRESH Line Of Odor Fighting Pet Beds




(PRESS RELEASE) TORONTO – Being a dog is a messy business and getting wet is just part of the job. Dogs love water and whether it is a dip in the pool, a romp in the sprinkler or a roll in the grass, being wet is just part of the canine job description. But wet dogs can also be smelly dogs and that nap after the swim can lead to a smelly dog bed as well. Messy Mutts™ has an innovative solution to this problem. The patented EVERFRESH technology uses probiotic microbes bonded to the fabric of their beds to provide continuous natural odor control – meaning no more smelly dog bed.

“EVERFRESH technology is a completely new way to control odors in our dog beds,” says Christopher Shipton, President of Messy Mutts™. “EVERFRESH has developed a way to bond beneficial microbes to the fabrics from which our beds are made. These natural and safe probiotic microbes activate on contact with moisture and bacteria and then work to break down and eliminate odors they cause. These microbes then go dormant until the next time they come into contact with moisture and bacteria.”

EVERFRESH technology is environmentally friendly and is both people and pet safe. These naturally occurring microbes actually break down and eliminate odor caused by bacteria providing continuous and effective odor control. This is not a perfume or masking agent, and contains no pesticides.

Messy Mutts has added four new products to its line of pet beds featuring EVERFRESH technology. The first is the Studio Orthopedic Dog Bed. This bed is fitted with orthopedic memory foam providing pressure-relieving comfort and support for dogs with arthritis or joint and muscle problems. This bolstered bed’s fabric is removable for easy cleaning and features a nonslip bottom that keeps the bed in place. It is available in either small (MSRP $120), medium (MSRP $140) or large (MSRP $200). 

The second new product is the Studio Crate Mat. Designed to fit standard crate sizes or to protect furniture or car seats. This reversible mattress is generously stuffed and then covered with ultra plush fur for maximum comfort on both warm and cool days. It is available in six sizes including extra-small (MSRP $25), small (MSRP $30), medium (MSRP $35), large (MSRP $45), extra-large (MSRP $60) and extra-extra-large (MSRP $70).

And because dogs should not be the only ones having all the fun, there are now two Messy Cats cat beds featuring the same EVERFRESH technology found in the dog beds. First there is the standard cat bed. This overstuffed bolstered bed features a reversible cushion and is constructed with heavy duty upholstery that is removable for easy cleaning. At a an MSRP of $50 this is snoozing at its finest.


The last of the new additions is the Cat Bed and House. This clever bolstered bed can quickly be converted into a comfy hideaway with it’s pop-up roof. Designed to be a compliment to any living space, this bed is made using premium heavy duty upholstery and a non-slip bottom. A perfect cat getaway at an MSRP of $50.

These four new products join Messy Mutts existing line of beds featuring EVERFRESH technology.

“The odor fighting ability of these beds is really amazing,” said Shipton. “Add to that the fact that they are incredibly comfortable, durable and machine washable and you have a dog bed that makes both dogs and their owners very happy.”



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