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National Animal Supplement Council Fact Sheet

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In NASC’s own words: While price will always be a driving factor in the purchase decision, quality is a competitive advantage! Retailers can gain credibility and build a loyal customer base by selecting products known for consistent quality and performance. Why? Because this leads to consistent outcomes in the animal and repeat sales. Retailers who prioritize shelf space for products with third-party certifications set themselves up for success by stocking products manufactured to independently audited quality standards, certified for current good manufacturing practices, and tested to ensure they meet label claims. Products with the NASC Quality Seal easily communicate quality and transparency to customers.

What is NASC known for? The NASC Quality Seal makes quality visible. Found on thousands of supplements for dogs, cats, and horses, the Quality Seal is a trusted third-party certification that tells retailers and consumers that a product comes from a responsible supplier committed to quality, transparency, and continued improvement. The NASC Quality Program and audit verification are recognized as the gold standard throughout the industry. To earn permission to display the Quality Seal on their products, NASC members must pass a comprehensive third-party audit every two years and maintain ongoing compliance with NASC’s rigorous standards, including signing and abiding by a member accountability agreement.

Why did NASC get into the pet industry? In the early 2000s interpretation of federal legislation created increased “stop sales” and removal of animal health supplements from store shelves. Pet owners were losing access to these products their pets had come to rely upon! The NASC was created in 2001 to combat this problem. Through close collaboration with federal and state regulators, NASC has achieved successful self-regulation, creating a favorable regulatory climate for animal supplements to be responsibly marketed. For 23 years, NASC’s leadership and advocacy actions have helped secure the future growth and success of the animal supplement industry for the benefit of millions of animals globally.

How does NASC support retailers? NASC offers a free Retailer membership level that retailers, distributors, and buyers can utilize to access valuable training and digital resources. We want to equip those in purchasing roles with a better understanding of animal supplement labeling requirements, claims boundaries, and why the NASC Quality Program is the gold standard for the industry. To learn more about becoming an NASC Retailer Member—at no cost to you—visit NASC also offers free, personalized virtual training sessions for your entire staff to help you better understand how the NASC Quality Seal is earned and what it means. Email to learn more! 

Download the Fact Sheet here.

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